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#414 Talkin’ To Your Friends

Life is all about friendships. We were created to be social beings. The drawing is a 9×12 done in pastel and color pencil on white paper. 34 more words


#413 Home Sweet Home

While the girl in my drawing is technically not a fairy she is none the less because she is a friend. The drawing is a 9×12 done on white paper using soft pastel,color pencils, and black pen. 97 more words


Happy Valentine's Day

A little something to celebrate Valentine’s Day showing sharing and caring.

J Wyatt Art

1001 Drawings #378, Let The Heart Be Ever A Present

I have always tried to treat others in the way I wanted to be treated. I decided to live my life this way back in high school where others in my class of 76 at Bensalem High School and my neighborhood treated me differently because I did not fit into their mold. 47 more words

1001 Drawings

There's No Place Like Home

There are times when I just doodle a drawing from a picture I come across. This is one of those drawings. I just colored it in with some water color and regular colored pencils. 7 more words

Art Work

1001 Drawings #377, By the Light of the Yellow Moon

I love the backdrop of old pages for my illustrations. I think think there is something to be said for using re-purposed materials instead of throwing them in the trash. 57 more words


1001 Drawings #374, Have A Little Fun

in my latest effort the hiker has his sidekick Little Fun following because as we all know we need little to have a little fun with us at all times. Think about it.