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So, my URL is based off of one of my OC’s, a river monster named Aldinon. Here’s an early drawing I made of my baby.

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I am an aspiring illustrator. So whenever I get the time and am mentally prepared for it, I draw. Adding colour to a blank piece of paper is something I truly enjoy. 97 more words

The Zombie Mermaid

This is a colored pencil drawing that I made the other day, for fun. I have been wanting to draw a mermaid lately but I thought it would be a lot more fun if there was a twist to the drawing. 133 more words


This week only, Amazon is offering 40% off ALEX arts & crafts back to school essentials. Everything you can imagine from colored pencils to an all-in-one  67 more words


Just a Tuesday

The slow night river moves tar-like beside the bat street lamp.

Had A. cut my hair straight across in back post-shower as I didn’t want the neck grow out spray all unintentional disturbing my portrait drawing sessions at the fair. 57 more words

Finally finished!

Today I had an appointment in town and stopped in a small store to buy the missing pencil! Unfortunately, they didn’t have the exact color I wanted but I got something similar. 74 more words

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