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Bolland's Killing Joke: Reworking One's Own To Glory

The more you try to stay away from the DC, given the gory, the loud, the stereotype, the cliche and the sheer political incorrectness, the more DC lures you with its irresistible gory, loud, stereotype, cliche and SHEER political incorrectness. 1,128 more words


Angel Series

I’ve been working on an angel series lately. I normally do superhero characters but I feel I need to do art that is distinctly my own as well as fan art. 149 more words


Crayola Rocks!

Some of you may remember my post titled Black and White Rocks, Color Sucks. The basic gist was that I had decided not to do any digital color, because I don’t enjoy sitting in front of a computer. 232 more words

How to use automated flatting tools

Even though I decided not to color the Hootie Comics, I spent some time playing with flatting tools. In case you’ve never heard of it, flatting is the preparatory step for coloring line art, where each separate object is filled with a dummy color to make the region easy to select. 361 more words