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Coloring Enters the "Peter Pan" Market

What is adult coloring a part of?

Adult coloring has been around for decades, but only gained popularity in recent years.

The trend truly became popular due to Johanna Basford. 401 more words

Adult Coloring

Colored Pencils and Markers and Pens...Oh My!

No two colorists are exactly the same…

We all have our preferences. Our likes. Our dislikes. Some prefer to use colored pencils, others prefer to use markers, gel pens, or paints. 681 more words

Adult Coloring

A Colorist's Snapshot 

The result of the snake illustration that I was struggling to finish as I mentioned in my last post! It came out better than I thought and I’m proud of the effort I put in to color it.

Adult Coloring

A Colorist's Snapshot: Coloring, Struggles, and Advice

Sometimes you look at a coloring page, you have instant inspiration as to how you want to color it, and it comes out just how you wanted it to…other times not so much. 434 more words

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Intricacy vs. Simplicity 

I read a really interesting post earlier today.

The post talked about if adults really need adult coloring books to color or if they don’t. The author leaned more towards the stance that adult coloring books are kind of unnecessary and that adult coloring books seemed more overwhelming with the intricate designs than relaxing like they’re supposed to be. 470 more words

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There's an App for That???

Adult coloring? Of course, there is an app for that now!

In a world where people constantly struggle to find time to “unplug” from their electronic devices, it was practically inevitable that the adult coloring trend would get digitized to accommodate everyone. 800 more words

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