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A Simple Flip

A simple flip of a (beautiful) photo, and something entirely new appears. That’s what happened with this landscape photo by Kevin Wolf. After photographing Yosemite National Park, above, Kevin noticed the murky water at the bottom of the reflection resembled a beautiful starry sky. 48 more words


Iceland, Oh, Iceland

Iceland, oh Iceland. You’re so beautiful it hurts. We could post about your vast otherworldly landscapes for months, and not get tired of it. The contrasts, the forms, the rawness. 36 more words


Quite The Color!

There is a tree nearby that is a most amazing blazing color. The homeowner told me what she thought the tree was last year, and if I’m remembering correctly it’s an Autumn Blaze Maple. 7 more words

Floral Photography

Marc Martin's Deeply Colorful Paintings

We love posting about artists and illustrators who add color and joy to the world. Melbourne-based artist Marc Martin is one of those people, with a fabulous sense of hue and form in his paintings and illustrations. 37 more words


An Unexpectedly Colorful Colombian Town

Guatapé is a small town located outside of Medellin, and showcases a brilliantly colorful array of streets and storefronts. The vibrantly painted buildings make for a very cheerful strolling destination, and the town also boasts “the best view in the world”, which, while subjective, looks very beautiful indeed. See last photo. Via DesignBoom: