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Sexy Surrealism by Trashriot

If you follow surreal posts on Instagram (we do!), you’ll see a number of great posts by @trashriot, a collage artist from Philadelphia. Their work is epic, showcasing outer space merged with vintage photography that includes nostalgia and Americana, like kids jumping into lakes, women smiling in their evening gowns, etc. 31 more words

Stefano Gardel's Neon Desert

Milan-born photographer Stefano Gardel has a subtle yet beautiful series of photos called Neon Desert, taken with a pink sunset on the horizon. Via Ignant: 53 more words

Beautiful Rolled Paper Tapestry

Artist Gunjan Aylawadi weaves and layers colored paper intro intricate and extravagant tapestries. The arabesque patterns become beautiful sculptures in their own right. The work is amazingly detailed and stylized, a testament to her patience and skill as a weaver and craftsperson. 12 more words


Alberto Seveso's Dark Matter

The master of ‘ink in water’ Alberto Seveso is known for sexy, organic imagery of ink that swirls and flows with style. His series Dark Matter… 28 more words


Seasonal Produce and Sustainable Fish Posters

Montreal artist and designer Simon L’Archevêque has a lovely new series of posters that showcase seasonal fruits and veggies, as well as a great array of sustainable fish and seafood, and their type. 85 more words


Minji Moon's Vibrant Animated Faces

Graphic designer Minji Moon has struck upon a great style with her recent body of work. Featuring bold colors and chunky, illustrated form, her figures jump off the screen with subtle and elegant motion. 31 more words