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Olaf Hajek's Folklore-Rich Paintings

South American folklore and mythology play a big role in Olaf Hajek‘s poignant and colorful portraits. The work is complex and filled with life, both literally and figuratively. 51 more words


Did you enjoy the Unicorn Frappuccino?

A few days ago, Starbucks launched the 2017 spring new drink – Unicorn Frappuccino,it claims to be the most beautiful Frappuccino. The Unicorn Frappuccino is pink, purple, and blue, and they are very match with cherry blossoms in New York. 172 more words


Illusions Star in this Pet Adoption Campaign

Visual illusions are always fun, especially when they are for a good cause. The World For All Animal Care And Adoptions in Mumbai have a very clever set of posters that encourage people to adopt pets, using very carefully positioned photos of people. 25 more words


Visual Mashup Music Video

An exercise in video editing patience. And creativity. The latest music video from Cassius featuring Pharell and Cat Power is a visual feast of funny, sexy, strange and beautiful footage mashups. 22 more words


Picasso's Paintings Turned into Stunning 3D Sculpture

Picasso is one of our very favorites, and we were thrilled to see an artist who has magically brought some of his paintings to life using carefully rendered mimic. 36 more words


Drew Lytle's Big Imagination

Illustrator Drew Lytle has a natural born talent, you can see it in the ease in which he sketches and paints. His Instagram @drewzin shows a wide array of subject matter, ranging from whimsical to politically charged to hilarious. 47 more words


Niche Tea's Contemporary Packaging

Niche Tea was started in 2015, and is making a name for themselves selling medicinal and herbal teas in exceptional packaging.  Bold colors and abstract patterns create a visual enticement. 22 more words