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Shades of Orange

The morning sun rises,

gives your eyes another reason to wake up.

You rub them to keep yourself away from the dark world,

but the shade of orange that lays in the sky bed, ascends like a new hope. 73 more words

The Darkest Colours Of All

The jingles that touch your ears,

The happiness that touches your heart,

They give you a reason to bloom up like a flower,

but somewhere in your mind you know it’s just an invisible shower. 69 more words

Autumn leaves

As collecting walnuts consumed most of my time yesterday and today, I didn’t manage to complete the walnut story the way I thought it deserved to be written as something special and significant for me. 86 more words

Hurry Hurry my Dears

Oh my goodness!

Come now, my Darlings

Quickly take your seats

The show has already begun…

Dear Lambtown

Dear Lambtown:

You know how, when there are certain traditions in your family or your life, and you do them over and over every year, sometimes you get a little tired of them? 765 more words


Lambtown to the Rescue

Did I say thank you? Thank you.

Thank you to all the commenters on my earlier Fuck September post. Your comments and support truly helped. I feel a little better, possibly have my priorities sorted out somewhat. 51 more words