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Palette That! Your Guide to Choosing a Color Palette

I was browsing HGTV articles (don’t judge me), and I found this shiny little hunk of inspiration:  Unexpected Color Palettes

While some of these I absolutely love… in theory, I can’t help but think that the super loud dichromatic bold colors are going out of style.   433 more words

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The Shack

Don’t go in there! ;)

I ended up back around the old zoo today. It’s so beautiful outside, and they have some (gentle) inclines to walk ( 139 more words


Upon reflection… (because ‘wet dreams’ would just be tacky) part 58 …

I am the sunshine of my life…

I, light up my life…

I am my sunshine, my only sunshine…

Go ahead, take any love song and change all the ‘you’ words in it to ‘I’ or ‘me’… which ever makes more sense grammatically… then, walk around singing it at the top of your lungs… all day. 12 more words


7 Steps Tutorial with Pictures on How to Display Your Artwork in a Room, Part 2

I was planning on posting this tutorial next month as I am still learning. But when Dawn from Brush of Dawn Art commented on my Facebook page yesterday asking how am I displaying my art in a room, I decided to share what I know, even though it’s probably not the perfect way to do it. 291 more words


Re-branding Ariel Lynn Photography

Since January I have been going through a re-branding process. I’m not going through a total and complete change, but I want something different and a little more ‘me’ now that I’ve grown and established a consistent photography style and business motto. 355 more words

Flower of the Day – February 24, 2017 –Ivory Gerbera Daisy

  • Flower of the Day – February 24, 2017 –Ivory Gerbera Daisy
  • © 2017 Netdancer Photography – Candace L Stauber

Tarun Khanna's Newest Avatar Will Stun You!

A true actor’s dedication shows is the effort he or she puts forth to mske their character more convincing.Such is the conviction of Actor Tarun Khanna… 150 more words

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