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Shark of the week: southern sleeper shark

Did you know that colossal squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni) are not only prey of sperm whales but sharks, too?

The southern sleeper shark (Somniosus antarcticus), a species of sleeper sharks like its northern counterpart, the… 82 more words


#CephalopodWeek Top Reads, Videos and Incredible Images

It’s time to bid farewell to my favorite time of the year – #CephalopodWeek. For 7 days, scientists and cephalopod enthusiasts honor our smart, inky, tentacle waving friends… 137 more words


Horse Eyes

The Colossal Squid, not the whale, has the largest eye in the animal kingdom.

Soccer ball sized.  Very appealing, it is not.

Of land mammals, horses take the lead in eye size. 89 more words

Horses, Every Day


Nov 9, 2015

Neither of us slept well last night so we were both tired this morning; we got up about 8:30 am and went down to have breakfast. 533 more words

New Zealand

DAY #7 - Wellington

1st September 2015

Woke up in the coldest city where I’ll stop in my whole journey (hopefully). The friendly ‪#‎Wellington‬ welcomed us with rain and clouds, so we decided to check the unique ‪#‎TePapa‬ ‪#‎Museum‬. 78 more words

New Zealand