4 Ways to Use Your Fabric Leftovers

If you’ve been sewing for even just a few months, I’ll bet you’ve already started building up your own “stash”. A personal stock pile of fabrics that are either left over from past projects or yet to be cut into and patiently awaiting the “perfect” project. 455 more words

Wendy Ward

through the shields II

harping on yesterday’s theme…

stuttgart, august, 2016


Trending Flower Bouquets

With garden and barn weddings taking precedence this year,2016 has given some authentic flower arrangements for weddings. Not your usual roses and lilies but the more unusual grassy variety you might otherwise ignore is taking the bridal bouquets by storm. 22 more words


3 Quick Tips for Colour Blocking Newbies

  1. If you choose to go bold with colour blocking, always balance with neutral colours
  1. Keep it simple! Do not go overboard with colours and patterns…
  2. 17 more words

Home Styling: The Colour Series I

A home can be styled in so many different alluring ways; depending on the style sensibilities of its occupants.

I personally have a preference for visually stimulating homes; I like my eyes to wander around a space, for my sense of sight to evoke a range of emotional feelings of excitement, enthrallment and inspirational wonder! 470 more words