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C F Him colour blocking in Barcelona

It’s the weekend again and I am sitting here wondering where did the week go. In fact, the apt question would be where did the month go seeing that it’s the last weekend of January already. 435 more words

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Blue Eye-shadow Tutorial

Blue eye shadow is one of the most touted trends for 2016, but it’s also the colour that scares people the most. The colour with the worst reputation (hard to wear, cliche, 70s…) and if you have blue eyes it’s often said that it can drown out your own eye colour rather than complimenting it. 795 more words


Elbows ready! Sale shopping| Natalie's wish list 

Merry Xmas all!!!!

If you are anything like me you’ll now be as fully stuffed as the turkey, but still piling in the Quality Street with a glass of vino while online sale shopping! 625 more words

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