Little ray of sunshine

In my little bit of the Garden of England, the plants have been getting a good watering this weekend and we never can be sure when the sun will make a reappearance. 226 more words



a parking garage in delft, the netherlands.

(btw. uit means out and uitjes means onions)


Steal Her Style: The Cape Craze

“The cape is this season’s wardrobe show piece.”

Capes are chic, they’re sharp, they’re effortlessly cool. They make for an undeniable striking outerwear and allow you to have fun with your silhouette while also adding elegance and stylish retro vibe to your wardrobe.   237 more words


The Statement.

Hey lovelies,

So I have been looking at my wardrobe thinking what I can do to liven it up…. a lot. I’ve come up with the idea of bold and statement. 289 more words

Fashion Week

Prague, day 3: Old Town & Cubist Houses

So my entire travel so far has been consisting of lazing around, visiting concerts and lazing around. German house parties with booze, a day wasted by sitting around (but later getting drunk) in Vienna, followed by a day of walking around cluelessly, followed by a a concert + wine, followed by a a few hours of walking around and a lot of hours of lazing around… basically, too much alcohol and not enough walking and doing touristic stuff! 745 more words