Colour confidence

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rot with the summer we have had … or not had!! This feeling can reflect in the sorts of clothing you wear…or even the colours you choose.  212 more words

Revamp of my Office

When we bought our house 4 years ago, every penny we had went into all the things that you can’t really see. Frustratingly!   Rewiring, replumbing, replastering. 358 more words

Interior Design

The Colourful Whiteness

The colour white is the absence of memory.
-Stephen King
Her people had given up colour to mark their resistance. They only wore black.
Funny, she thought,black is the unity of all colours. 315 more words


Little ray of sunshine

In my little bit of the Garden of England, the plants have been getting a good watering this weekend and we never can be sure when the sun will make a reappearance. 226 more words



a parking garage in delft, the netherlands.

(btw. uit means out and uitjes means onions)