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Style it for summer: the breton stripe

The striped top truly is a perennial classic. Timeless, elegant, and possible to style in an almost infinite number of ways, the breton comes back year after year for good reason. 220 more words

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Samples are fun...really, they are!

As part of my Grand Plan (which is yet to be announced so sssssh) I’ve got a LOAD of Samples to start making up and getting my head around. 202 more words


Shadow Stamping Technique

I love this technique and have since I accidently stumbled across it last year. I unintentionally used it without knowing what I was doing and fell head over heels. 272 more words


Squishy yarnie goodness! 

I haven’t been crocheting for very long, in fact I started to teach myself at the beginning of March using a set of hooks and a pack of small balls of yarn from eBay. 86 more words


How to start from scratch

Have you ever just wanted to throw out all of your clothes and start again? And then panicked that you wouldn’t have a clue how… 376 more words

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red lipstick 101

Wearing red lipstick is one of those ‘check it off the list’ items for being a grown up, isn’t it? So many women would love to embrace red lips (I promise not to go all fashion blogger on you here and start calling it ‘a red lip’), but lack confidence in their appearance, the best lipstick shade, or the right application technique to avoid scarlet teeth and bleeding lip lines. 1,235 more words

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What I Learned About Myself after Colouring my First Mandala

That I am more of an impatient, hyper pixie than I care to admit. A shame, considering I’m named after the act of meditating/chanting/taking God’s name. 828 more words

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