Colour charts and schemes

I have spent lots of time making colour charts for my different brands of markers. I find this oddly relaxing.

I also spend huge amounts of time working out colour schemes for my patterns. Here’s an example:

Finished: Whirl 1

I finished my first whirl! What an adventure! This is the first proper shawl I’ve made and not run out of yarn! I ordered the Whirl from my… 94 more words


Finished: Purple Sunday Shawl

If i like a pattern there’s a good chance I’ll make it a lot. I finished my first Sunday Shawl and instantly wanted to make another. 240 more words


Finished: Pink Diamond Blanket

I’ve had this pink yarn sitting here forever longing to become something. Not a granny, nothing too busy, only one colour, the options were a bit limited. 105 more words


Finished: Baby Granny

There is nothing better than a simple granny blanket. I ordered this yarn without a project in mind and after a lot of research I just went back to a granny. 40 more words


Blanket Progress

I’ve been making a lot of shawls and scarfs lately but not a lot of blankets. I got in stages of loving giant projects then hating them. 251 more words


Finished: Sunday Shawl

I’ve had the Sunday Shawl Pattern on my computer for a year now. It seems to be a project i like to start and never finish, then for it to vanish so i have to start again. 149 more words