Wedding Dress Fail

Three years ago I saw the article about the woman who crocheted her wedding dress. I loved the idea! So recently I got engaged and decided to look up a pattern. 207 more words


How to make a spooky castle on a rock.

You will need to make a spooky castle on a rock…

Castle materials/equipment…
  • An empty crisp box from local shop
  • Cardboard tube form cling film, 3 or more if desired…
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How To Make Colour Love Art & Crafts

How to make cardboard pumpkins...

To make a cardboard pumpkin set of three, you will need….

  • Grey card 1mm thick, 8 sheets of A2
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Orange acrylic paint with white added for prime coat.
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How To Make Colour Love Art & Crafts

Colour charts and schemes

I have spent lots of time making colour charts for my different brands of markers. I find this oddly relaxing.

I also spend huge amounts of time working out colour schemes for my patterns. Here’s an example:

Finished: Whirl 1

I finished my first whirl! What an adventure! This is the first proper shawl I’ve made and not run out of yarn! I ordered the Whirl from my… 94 more words


Finished: Purple Sunday Shawl

If i like a pattern there’s a good chance I’ll make it a lot. I finished my first Sunday Shawl and instantly wanted to make another. 240 more words