New Birth with a Baron for celebrating 800 years of the Magna Carta

Busy bee painting this Baron for #linclnbarons to celebrate 800 years of the Magna Carta, I am paintin Richard de Percy and my sponcer is http://www.bbc.co.uk/radiolincolnshire… 10 more words


New paintings are under way

Hi I am busy bee painting and making new artwork ready for the summers return, here is some light on my work with some previous examples.   286 more words


Happy New Year!

It’s 15 days into 2015, what better day for wishing everyone all the best in this shiny new year! We had a lovely break over the holidays and now I’m busy working away on new designs– even a couple of little products here and there- more on that soon! 133 more words

Pattern Love

Word book!

A while ago I made a cloth word book for my pre-schooler, and we’ve been looking through it lots lately so I thought I’d blog about it! 123 more words

Kate Austin Designs

The studio's Angel Blessings and autumnal late afternoon sky of love

The studio wants to say hi and I love you, I am immersed in it’s beauty, colour and loving it passion of what could become, so much fun to be had with the love of my life, art & colour. 29 more words





mortal, love the wound of life

the game of being, of mystery

brings all hearts to sacred being


upon the mountains

field of flower… 33 more words