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The importance of colour

As part of my prototype I have been considering how important colour is, especially as part of a brand identity. Colour is used to visually represent the mood or ….. 149 more words


Creating more natural light

Being new to DIY and interior design, I’ve had to do a lot of reading to understand exactly how to achieve my decorating goals  ‘ 255 more words

Home Decorating

Colour Palettes

I have been looking at a lot of colour palettes that would personify the identity of Dunboyne. This is more difficult than creating a colour palette for a companies or professionals brand identity because there are so many factors to consider. 203 more words

Inspiration Phase

Coursework Part 3: Exercise 3.3 Watercolour Studies

I selected six glass items, one has a cut-glass decoration, another is a blown-glass ball, with a mixture of green and clear glass. I separated the lid of the carafe from the bottle as it had a nice shape by itself. 872 more words

Sketchbook Scans: Analysing an Image for Colour

I couldn’t resist this brightly coloured image from the newspaper. I decided to pick out some textiles to match the main colours in the image, to practise colour analysis, the topic of my current coursework. 139 more words

Coursework Part Three: Exercise 3.2 Translation Through Yarn

The image I chose for this Exercise is by the Limbourg Brothers, and is called “The Fall and The Expulsion From Paradise”. I found a… 1,366 more words

Coursework Part Three: Exercise 3.1 Gouache Studies

Part 1

Sample 1

This fabric is a curtain/furnishing textile, ‘Roundelay’ from Jonelle Duracolour. The textile was sourced from a charity shop.

I had thought that this textile had six colours in it, but as I was painting the chips, I realised that there were actually seven (not counting the black outlines of the floral motifs). 1,034 more words