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Coursework Part 5: Project 2: Building A Response

Colour Palettes

I painted six proportional colour palettes inspired by drawings from Project 1. I have shown them next to their relevant drawing in an… 1,914 more words

Today's beautiful colour palette

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Where do you draw the line?

I picked up the Farrow and Ball book, How to Decorate, its function, to simplify the often fraught process of decorating: the myriad choices that natural light, paint and architecture actually present.   496 more words

20th Century Designers And Beyond

Finding Your Colour Palette

There are times when we find in nature a colour scheme which we’d like to replicate

for an interior,

for a product design,

for an art project, 241 more words


How to design when you're not a designer

One of the common problems with being a developer who creates a website or application from start to finish is that developers, like most human beings, often are stronger in some areas than others. 529 more words


Sketchbook: Colour Studies

More colour palettes taken from various settings, for adding to a colour palette book. Themes are emerging: landscape, nature, the built environment, seasonal colour…

I will make about 50 colour palettes before selecting 30 to make into a book format. 156 more words

Red, white, and - blue? When studying colour ruins TV

Followers of this blog and my research will know that I’m into looking at the significance of the colour triad red, white, black, and how it crops up across human history in art, architecture, myth, legend and other places like a leitmotif. 709 more words