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Stricture and Stasis

It became obvious to me a couple of months ago that my shoulder injury, nerve pain, and tendinitis was not going to allow me to do artwork on a regular basis. 462 more words


100 Days of Curated Colour – Week 8

I’ve had some busy times over the last couple of weeks (of which more another time!) but I am still just about managing to keep up with my 100 Day Project on Instagram… 282 more words

Fabric & Supplies

What is Place?

I’ve been thinking about this lately, with regard to my own work and the different locations I visit round the world. There’s a section in the Landscape course, which asks “what makes a space a place?” and my very basic understanding is that human intervention and the creation of memories there turns a space into a place. 523 more words

Furniture Trends from Clerkenwell Design Week

Flexible, colourful and cosy workspace was one of the key themes at this year’s Clerkenwell Design week. Many designs looks like they are meant for a relatively short ‘pitstop use’ with little emphasis on the ergonomics and more on lounging and relaxing than serious work. 172 more words


100 Days of Curated Colour - week 4

Doing a daily project like #The100DayProject (currently happening on Instagram) is that you realise how quickly the weeks rush away. It is the end of week 4 already and I have made 28 (actually 29, I just posted today’s) curated colour selections for my… 320 more words


Beautiful apple blossom, colour palette from my garden 🌸

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