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The Fortune Teller - the final part

I have been waiting for the chance to scan in the finished piece in order to share an image that is straight for once. The problems of not having a working read facing camera on the iPad cannot be underestimated! 27 more words

Coloured Pencil

Tan Toned Paper

Bought a tan toned sketchbook last Friday. It is fun to have the mid tone already done by the paper. The brain is a bit confused.

Colour Pencil

The Fortune Teller - part 5

The lace blouse was done with soft blues, mauves, grey and grey white along with some additional reflected colours. Trying to keep the colours soft while at the same time making sure the patterning of the lace was clear meant lots of breaks to give my eyes a rest. 68 more words

Coloured Pencil

The Fortune Teller - part 4

The next stage for me was to work on the jewellery whilst at the same time starting to add some colour to her blouse which is made of lace.


Coloured Pencil

Beauty in the act of making

I have a small stack of paper mache cups – the size of Chinese tea cups. They sit in a wobbly stack against a pile of books. 139 more words


The Girl with the Red Lipstick

Today’s fashion inspiration is none other than my darling homie Nicole Tee. She is also otherwise known as the girl with the red lipstick. I really like how her style is so minimalistic, feminine and edgy all at the same time. 76 more words