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玩线团的猫咪 / Kitten Playing Yarn

主人不在家,我只能自己玩了,怎么能说我是破坏王呢!?(Owner is not at home, I can only play on my own, how can you say I’m destroy king!?) 😆

Self Help Books

Been wanting to learn how to colour properly, how to use watercolour and do fancy lettering. Pretty sure they will serve the purpose, can’t wait!

Drawing for the day

When I have nothing to do, I draw. Stopped for quite awhile and picking up again. Hope to pin every drawing I drew, hopefully I can see some improvement on them.

Handy Advice

Thought it was about time I shared a little of what I do and how I do it. I do a lot of my sketching whilst out and about, and often people come up to me, kind enough to show an interest in my work, and almost invariable say ‘I could never do that!’ I am here to dissuade everyone of that notion! 1,295 more words

Color Pencil

Corner story

“Practice makes perfect”

This is not just a saying but the true to every word.Here I will be posting image tutorials of my work so that you can get idea and practice with tutorials.you can also mail if you want tutorial on any particular subject. 25 more words


Coloured pencil time

Last year I bought a 7 colour pencil while I was travelling in Japan. I didn’t really use it until earlier this year. Of course it soon became such a favourite that I quickly used it up. 195 more words

I saw a picture like this online, really like the idea. First attempt at white on black and am quite happy. Will try more as I really enjoyed it.