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Now, it may seem a curious thing to say by way of introducing my “4-Seasons’ Tree” paintings, that they essentially entail the same as my farming and growing, as few people know the difference between – a) trying to make a living from growing and retailing organic vegetables, potatoes and apples, and b) painting trees without making a living – better than myself!  272 more words


Stangl, Katrin

I’m fascinated by stangl’s images. Her choices are always bold, but simple, and there’s something beautiful about her decisions concerning composition. Whether monochrome or colour, her images are incredibly strong. 26 more words


This is one of the practice inspired by the project in Leeds Light Night.

Using only two colours but you can still see shapes.

Major Project

Food from Books: Pippi Longstocking

My mum is Japanese but she likes Western/European films and literature. So naturally children’s books and films she got for me were mostly Western/European classics (but translated in Japanese), such as… 446 more words