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Drag and drop lexicons

Using Drag and Drop Lexicons in Penfriend

The following video screencast tutorial shows you how to save a personalised lexicon which can be used in different contexts, such as colour background, speech or a lexicon which contains a specific word list. 164 more words


Using Styles in Penfriend Version 4

Penfriend Version 4 features a range of colourful Styles including both Horizontal and Vertical. As well as the default Vertical option you can choose from 3 other Styles, i.e., Plain, Grey and Horizontal. 225 more words


Typing with a mouse

If you have a motor difficulty or a disability that prevents you from using a physical keyboard, then Penfriend’s on-screen keyboard could be just the solution you’re looking for. 202 more words


New section - free software

It is without doubt that Penfriend offers some great features, particularly for those users who need to customise the look and feel of Penfriend. For example, the Penfriend prediction window can be customised by changing the font style and size as well as font and background colours. 161 more words



Pink is simply the name for a colour composed of a mixture of red and white. There are so many shades of pink that one is exhausted repeating them all. 441 more words