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Five minutes with...Dr Christina Duffy, Imaging Scientist, The British Library

What’s your background in heritage science?

My background is in astrophysics. I studied Physics with Astronomy at Dublin City University before completing a PhD in Planetary Science at Imperial College London. 516 more words

Heritage Scientist

Colour Space

Colour space determines the range of colours that are used on screen. There are many different colour models which all have their own uses. Red, green and blue (RGB) is one such colour space that is a very commonly used types of colour space. 309 more words

Colour Space

Which Colour Space Should I Use?

Why Do I Need to Know About Colour Space?

If you are new to the world of producing materials for printing or for the the web, then you may not know that there are different colour spaces that need to be applied to your text and graphics depending on the medium that they are being used in. 629 more words

Graphic Design

colour management

different screens display the same colours differently, like when you walk into an electronics store and there are hundreds of screens staring at you with the same image, but the colour has shifted a little in each. 214 more words

Colour space and printing

Images are often recorded in the RGB colour space. A colour space is an infinite amount of colours that can be created using various amounts of certain colours, in this case Red, Green and Blue (RGB). 871 more words

Colorspace & Calibration

Following our lecture we were asked to take two images using RGB & SRGB color space to compare the differences when printed out. We were also asked to print these images out three times at three different image processors. 267 more words

Techniques & Processes 2B

Colour Space

This subject can be a pretty daunting, so to simplify let’s start by inventing our own colour space. We’ll call it RAINBOW!

RAINBOW colour space is going to be very simple and only represents 7 possible colours, with corresponding values of 0.1 – 0.7. 1,677 more words