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Colour Your World: Peach

This little fellow seems to look quite peachy, he even has dark peachy feet.
Colour Your World: Peach

Colour Your World

perfect peach (#cyw/jusjojan)

James sought that most elusive of things – the perfect peach.

#cyw: peach; jusjojan: elusive brought to you by Eclectic Evelyn.

Image: wikipedia.com

© Lorraine


Colour Your World: Tan

To be perfectly honest I’m not sure if these leaves are actually tan, tumbleweed or perhaps burnt sienna coloured – but they’re definitely brown! :-)

Colour Your World: Tan


Colour Your World: Tan

This was the pork before it was cooked in the oven. I was doing roast pork for dinner and had all the ingredients in the casserole ready for baking. 126 more words

Colour Your World

tan compromise (#cyw/jusjojan/daily)

is it an oversight

a strange compromise

to chose tan

so neutral

for our bedroom walls

when our passion is

scarlet; our luxuria

cerise… 23 more words