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Spray Paint

Gaining inspiration from street artists in New York. I found a new and effective way to create planets and galaxy’s. I was inspired by the blend of the paints to create the colourful and vivid background, seemingly effortlessly during the video. 432 more words

A Level

The Honky Tonk Bonk

Just a sneak peak into one of my favourite early Spring road rides with plenty of formidable hills to climb. Hopefully, the outside temperatures will warm up soon, otherwise this particular Spring road ride could prove to be “The March of Death Ride” rather than the challenging, but enjoyable solo ride that it usually is :-) 70 more words


A+P Collaborative

“Something Fishy”

Acrylics on sugar-paper, 43x59cm.

“Dances with Brushes” or “Isn’t my Garden Beautiful”.

Acrylics on sugar-paper, 43x59cm.

Generally the red bits are mine.


New-look Wordster!

Welcome to the new-look Wordster!

I’ve been thinking about overhauling this site for a while. I’m not quite sure what prompted it; perhaps a growing realisation that other sites I was visiting were less busy, less bright, more modern-looking. 90 more words


Photo Shoot

Today I went to the photography studio and photographed some of my work on a mannequin. This was a real eye opener for me as I had to adjust and manipulate my fabrics to fit the figure. 33 more words