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Lord, there are moments
when it seems
that darkness has the upper hand.
Light burns dim,
only a flickering candle
blown sideways by capricious storms… Eddie Askew… 14 more words


UPDATE! Apparition have to pay how much?

Apparition Media has been fined $6000 (AUD) for painting an advertisement over mural ‘It’s like a jungle sometimes.’

Two weeks ago, advertising agency Apparition Media came under fire for painting over a much loved mural in Newtown, Australia with an advertisement for Darren Aronosky’s new film… 330 more words

Blue Calcite And Brave Cats

Calcite is a useful and easily found crystal. Most of the specimens – like the ones pictured here – have been treated with acid to gently enhance the colour and smooth the surface. 399 more words


How do you travel? Design Post


The Alignment on this ad is a bit different than usual. While it is mostly centered, it does have it a bit skewed, so that it could be placed close to the Temple of heaven silhouette. 358 more words


Colour Palettes || Footage || ▲

By adjusting the colour balance on after effects, you can change the colour palette of your footage, building on this I’ve also used hue and saturation to desaturate the images. 175 more words


Just Breathe

Introduction:This blog relates to a project in Communications 130 for a reverse engineer post assignment week 2. Our assignment was to find an advertisement that encompassed good design principles of Contrast, Color, Proximity, Alignment and Repetition. 444 more words


The Brighton Colour Run

I have been running on and off for quite a while at this point, however I have never done what I would class as a ‘fun’ run. 528 more words