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Digital Doodle: Moonbow

My, it’s been a while!

I simply had to Splodge and Splatter some colour around to freshen up things around here. I ended up with a Moonbow… as you do!


Are you fading?

Are you fading?
Do these colours run from you?
The yellow, fades to grey, inside a day.
And memories are now obscured from view.
The pill in your hand doesn’t make you invincible.
It merely hurries the inconceivable.


COLOUR: An essence of Life

Life is so beautiful because of the fragrance of colours…

Have you ever imagined how the world would have looked like if there was no COLOUR? 223 more words

The Minstrel

Somewhere out there

I really love looking out airplane with windows because there’s a whole different perspective you get when you’re that high up. Plus you know, really pretty clouds. 6 more words



snow, flooding
and the acrid heat
of bushfires
as the world shakes with fever

and the poisoned rivers
run to the poisoned sea
as man fiddles blindly… 21 more words


Photo Profile Update: Kimo, Blue tit bird

Photo of the Blue tit bird; A frequent visitor and a pleasure to watch & photo shoot. Nothing better that capturing birds in the rain – they may not enjoy it but you certainly can particularly if you’re well protected. 59 more words