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Book reviews: three to think about

I’ve been so busy that a small pile-ette of books to review has built up. Oh, OK, there are three. And I have to say that they are all quite distinct. 950 more words


Disguised Boundaries (WPC)

The word this week from the Daily Post is…  BOUNDARIES. Talk about a challenge, the word itself has no boundaries, good grief. However, one boundary did particularly stand out in my memory. 82 more words


Fair and Lovely

India is a hugely racist country. Racist and colorist. Almost every Indian is on a quest to become fairer than they are. This is true for both sexes, but women in particular are expected to do everything they possibly can to maintain their skin color or make it lighter. 91 more words


* "See you later"- Bill Haley


“See you later, alligator. After a while, crocodile.”- Bill Haley

*very crude gif- ‘mock up’


Autumn is here... :)

The weather has turned. The winds have changed. Summer is long gone and we have some of the most amazing autumn colours. People visit Scotland in summer, for the sunshine and warmth but I think autumn is the best season. 38 more words