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wandering the spring hills
among blossom and butterflies
and the lazy drone of the bees


A Welcoming Sight

The last few weeks I have been travelling and had little time to post my experiences, I look forward to sharing them with you very soon. 46 more words


Harmonising Colour for Image Impact.

Did you read that headline and think ‘Huh’? If so then you should probably read on! Harmonised colour, or HC as I’ll call it from here on in, is one of those little things that mostly you don’t get taught but, when you are aware of it, can make a huge difference to the look of your work.Harmonised colour is a term I’ve made up for this, it may well be called something else by ‘people in the know’ and if it is, well, I maybe need to know! 614 more words

The Colouring Believer ...

I am a big believer in synchronicity , this week I began to read ‘The Book Thief’ by Australian Author Marcus Zusak. The synchrony of events between two of my great passions, reading and colouring profoundly marks for me, that what I am doing right now is… 478 more words

Adult Colouring