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My journey as a teacher...

Typically I would start off with… Teacher!¬† Who me..! Oh No… Never… but seriously, Teaching Crochet has been a rewarding experience for me. I’ve honestly enjoyed taking a beginner through the journey of learning this beautiful art. 573 more words


Party Round Up: September

Photo by Finn Propper

I don’t know about you, but September has been a huge month for me! Not only have I left my full time job and started a new one, I’ve had heaps of ups and downs regarding my science-fiction novel, and planning countless events coming up in October (Halloween baby!) so make sure you stay tuned for another month of spooky Halloween ideas to get you into the monster mash spirit, and stay tuned for more news about my novel as well! 824 more words


To-Not-Do, To-Do

It’s a task;
Trying not to be hardened
By the world
You have to live in,
Because there is no other one,
Because there is no other you. 494 more words


Sock drawer

As promised, here’s how my sock drawer is currently looking.I’m loving how colourful it is and it gives me great comfort and a big thrill knowing that I’ve actually knitted all of these (since May this year, what’s more) and that my toes will be toasty warm for many years to come. 71 more words

Colour Theory

What is colour?

Colour has the ability to be perceived through the sense of sight. For example, the only reason we know red is red, is because we have been trained throughout the years to know what colour is what. 796 more words



Bland mediocrity with very little colour is the fashion of the day for new development in Fremantle as architects keep designing uninspiring buildings for our inner city. 85 more words


Practitioners - Olle Baertling

Olle Baertling was a Swedish painter whose geometric works featured juxtapositioning of complementary colours and black to create strong colour dynamics. Baertling used simple shapes, primarily triangles, to demonstrate visual concepts such as colour perception.

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