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Work in Progress: Green, Green, Green

I was amused the other day when I was sewing a green work in progress, I was not only accidentally making notes with a green pen… 12 more words

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Digital Glitch

New Experimentations

Final Year project: Digital media blurring the human identity, transforming each individual into an online profile.

Expressing a social message through textiles. Creating a glitch effect using different techniques.


The No-tanning Season #7

Perhaps part of the reason why people feel so inclined to tan or be tanned, is because they do not have the right “tools” to enhance what they have already got? 393 more words

Iron Mountain 2134-30

It’s fav exterior colour for doors, siding, etc… because it goes with almost all brick and siding colours. It’s moving inside though, people are loving it’s warm charcoal properties for their interior too. 19 more words

What's New?

ego wars

a pair of wavey Pauls

acrylic and paint markers on canvas (120cmx100cm)

for one of the most beautiful souls I know!

Long Exposure Photography Tips

Anyone who has studied my work will tell you that I absolutely love using Long Exposure techniques. To me, the look of an image can be vastly improved by simply opening up the shutter for a few seconds and letting all of that lovely light spill onto my sensor. 899 more words