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Be Still No More (Spring Green)

Southerly warmth breezes in a gentle kiss, a whisper wish, a gentle flush rising as spring melts in slow drip drip – before the sudden rush gushing in babbling gratitude as banks overflow.

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Hen party (Olive Green)

Idle minds wag tongues under a hot sun; wired for untruths leaves one reeling or feeling the olive green need to puke – vomit up the gossiping hens, a clicking clacking of wagging it all dead; peck peck scratch scratch – “have you heard the latest…?” Choke on the grit sticking in the gullet, ricocheting envious bullets.

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Full Frontal Assault (Laser Lemon)

Harsh sharp biting beading – a voice shrill and rising in slices silver blade sharp; laser lemon unmellow yellow attack in unfriendly fire – constantly criticizing pulps a person sour.

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Creative joy

A while since I posted anything related to children’s environment. This is nicely decorated despite small in size, very colorful & creative joy – a pure delight for the little ones. 6 more words

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Embodiment of Uni Life by Kiki Thandi

We’ve asked Kiki what inspired her to create this fantastic piece of Artwork:

“An image like the one above would be particularly eye-catching for students as it is essentially an embodiment of student life. 201 more words

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