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Field Dilation




This use of the technique is to open and expand the subtle bodies. The aim here is to reveal what those bodies nature could be by allowing them to express openly and freely. 3,275 more words

Ten To One

Just a Short Video

You have to love the internet. Somehow you begin looking up recipes and end up on a completely different topic an hour later, still hungry and wondering what to make for supper.  23 more words


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I love that shutterbug a) shared this with us today, but b) gets side-tracked like me. Turn the sound up really loud, and lose yourself. Tears were dripping off my jaw before the video was even half way through; but that's because I'm a bit emotional today - for no good reason - and this just melted me. xxx 22,719

Window Frames: the little Black dress?

Our over arching concept is earthy and natural. However, we both like a dark roof. In our area cold outweighs heat so it’s one of the few areas where a dark roof is the recommended over a light roof. 129 more words

House Build


The bigger the chimney, the bigger the wealth… or so the story goes.

Lagos, Portugal.

January, 2018.