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Knitting WIP - Afmæli Jumper

One of my current works in progress is the Afmæli jumper. It’s for me. I started it after making a bunch of knitted Christmas presents. 167 more words


Confession: I still haven't watched Star Wars.

Sooooo I should really finally watch Star Wars, huh?

(Well, technically I did watch Episode III, but only because the movie we wanted to see was sold out or something, and I have basically zero memory of it.) 250 more words


Experimenting with colourwork in knitting

I am slowly reducing my stash of wool but still have a long way to go.  The difficulty is knowing what to make with the odd balls of wool as generally there is not enough of one colour to make a complete garment. 175 more words


Thoughts over a cup of coffee

Disclaimer: Yes, it took me a whole month to write another post. To my defense, I’ve been rather busy. With knitting, but also with volunteering/family stuff that I won’t bore you with. 1,431 more words


Chunky and scrunchy

Hello again,

Who could have imagined that I would ever be writing a blog post about chunky yarn and, wait for it ……. bearing in mind that I am a self-professed yarn snob ……… 100% acrylic to boot!! 287 more words


Second Christmas present awesomeness!!

Acknowledging to myself that second christmas would be far more exciting if I had some presents to open too, I allowed myself the luxury of buying some post-christmas treats for myself. 420 more words



Project: Astrid the Viking

Pattern: Leif & Astrid

Yarn: Lett Lopi and Rowan Baby Alpaca DK

I’d been planning to knit this doll for years, but I didn’t work up the courage until now. 176 more words