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Back around Thanksgiving I knit the boring grey body of a yoke sweater for train knitting. Several balls of yarn is too unwieldy for the train and I wandered off and never started the colourwork. 97 more words


Coop Knits and The Little Grey Sheep

For quite some time I’ve been inspired by the colour work that other people are able to produce and I’ve wanted to be able to create similar stunning pieces but I haven’t been able to get my tension right, it’s been lumpy and has as a result left me feeling really flat about the whole affair. 179 more words



It’s been a bleak and grey February and I find myself trying to compensate with green wool. Hey, the sun just came out. It must be working! 87 more words


Carrying yarn in kfbf stitch

I don’t know about you, but I hate weaving in ends.  If I can avoid doing it, I prefer to, so I love patterns where I can carry my yarn with me as I work rather than breaking it. 744 more words



One thing I love about the knitting community is how its members unabashedly embrace pop culture. Ravelry forum groups, designs and challenges revolve around Harry Potter… 837 more words


The Dancing Skeleton

Many moons ago we made a blanket… it was called “The Masterpiece” and it represented lots of aspects of my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. 331 more words


Velvet Morning Cardigan

The name “Velvet Morning” conjures up images of softness, serenity, a feeling of rejuvenation after a good sleep….

…NONE of which are the feelings I had while making this GODDAMN CARDIGAN. 503 more words