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Infographic: Samuel Colt (La Vanguardia)

Jaime Serra is currently the Assistant Chief-Editor of the Barcelona-based newspaper La Vanguardia. Serra is considered one of the most important names in the contemporary infographic scene. 91 more words


Colt expands Asia coverage with more data feeds

Enterprise Innovation — Colt has expanded its Asia coverage by adding three new data feeds to its low-latency MarketPrizm Market Data service. The three feeds are: Osaka Exchange Inc.’s (OSE) newest derivatives feed for the new J-GATE matching engine; additional content for the Nagoya Stock Exchange (NSE) and HKEx’s latest premium feeds, namely Securities Premium (‘SP’) and Derivatives Premium (‘DP’). 6 more words


Back-Story; The Wolf Princess and the Stallion.

   Brenna’s black stallion Lightningbolt is loyal, strong and dependable. They trust each other completely. Brenna’s mother had wanted her to ride a docile pony that walked, occasionally trotted, and was not very wild at all. 127 more words


Colt Vintage Rifles M16A1 & Xm177 Details and video

Some  video with more details on the new vintage Colt rifles and the future of the line to come.  Colt tells me they will make 2 new rifles from the Vietnam era a year for the next 10 years. 14 more words

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Colt's 2016 M1911 Line

Stopped back by te Colt booth to get more on the  2016 line of M1911s.

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Colt's Semi M16A1 and XM177 Coming Soon

Here at the NRA show, Colt is also showing two new AR15s coming in a few months.   The plan is to release to new and different semi auto versions of classic vintage  rifles with a plan to release two different rifles every year for the next 10 years .  181 more words

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