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British Trials Browning Automatic Rifle

During World War One the British Army had been early adopters of the light machine gun concept, recognising the mobility and firepower offered by the Lewis Gun as early as 1915. 835 more words


1962 Houston Colt .45s Baseball Yearbook 1st Year

1962 Houston Colt .45s Baseball Yearbook 1st Year
1962 Houston Colt .45s Baseball Yearbook 1st YearHouston Colt 45s When They Joined The National League Rusty Staub Rookie YearThe Inside Cover Has A Name Address & Phone Number WrittenBlack & White 48 Pages + Cover & BackPreview Of World’s First Domed Air-Conditioned StadiumThe South’s First And Only Major League Baseball Team Model – WHbe4ff42141a9ac58… 35 more words


Colt Advanced Combat Rifle

This is the final of three introductory videos looking at the US Army’s ACR prototypes. We will be revisiting these rifles later to show disassembly and how they worked. 611 more words


How gun buffs took over Wikipedia’s AR-15 page

(Source: www.theverge.com)

In the days after the Parkland shooting, users flocked to Wikipedia to learn about guns. When users searched for “AR-15” — the style of gun used during the shooting — they were directed to the page for the “Colt AR-15.” The page was viewed… 989 more words


Tail Twitch

I have recently come across an interesting predicament in the equine industry and I want to know everyone’s opinions. I, obviously, have my own opinion; but I want to hear more on the other side. 595 more words