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Not a bleedin'clue... and Christmas is coming

Wandered into the Gold Street Gossip Shop at the unappointed hour, listening to the early birds warbling their way through a toon or three. Settled into a comfortable spot, as near the bar as possible, and as far from the noise as I could decently get, without appearing unduly disinterested. 284 more words

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John Coltrane on Practice and More

Right off the bat in this 1966 interview with John Coltrane, he touches on where he practices, and how he leaves his instruments out and at the ready, like when he says, “My flutes are by the bed, so when I’m tired I can lay down and practice.” 26 more words


Nude Thoughts

Coltrane, easing down my body like condensation on glass tiles.

The hot shower steams my pores. Notes of amber and brass seep to fill. The crisp tones of trumpet blend in my blood the way a sweet drop of grenadine in a cocktail that has yet to be stirred remains, suspended: a mutual harmony slowly dragged only by the nature of gravity and fluid. 67 more words


when you wake me

unless you softly wake me

with a sweet strain of Coltrane,

deep espresso fused with  herbs

swallowing the air.

Unless I am amused by your… 42 more words


Chunking down on Scale Practice

Chunking down into N chunks reduces practice required by a factor of Nx where x is the number of possible chunk flavours

Paul Hirsh (@jazzpanflute)

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Hundred Highways Tour #8: MT Highway 3 to the High Plains BookFest

The High Plains BookFest and the High Plains Book Awards presented by the Writer’s Voice and the Billings Public Library are a great reminder of the importance of community in the literary arts. 469 more words