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My son is very good at facing the camera for photos. This is probably because my camera is in his face every 2 seconds for a picture. 161 more words

New Mom

The Epic Revival: Finding New Sound in Old Music 

When I was in sixth grade and first listening to hip-hop music, I found an in with Kanye’s 808s and Heartbreak. The first single, “Love Lockdown”, was a little experimental for my bubble-gum taste, however when “Heartless” came out, I played it over and over, until I could remember bars three lines ahead of Kanye. 1,041 more words

Dear Coltrane, You are 2 months old today!

Dear Coltrane,

You are 2 months old today! I feel like you are a toddler, because you have grown so much physically and developmentally in the past two months. 391 more words

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My Favorite Things (1961)

John Coltrane — soprano saxophone
McCoy Tyner — piano
Steve Davis — bass
Elvin Jones — drums


Entry #4// The Five Best (a.k.a My Favourite) Albums of the Second Quarter of 2015

Kamasi Washington, The Epic 

The Epic is so many things, but easy to get through is not one of them. Running close to a three hour playtime, the album’s epic length is also accentuated by its genre: this is three hours of… 514 more words

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18/07/2015: John Coltrane "A Love Supreme"

You have to love Jon Coltrane.  I don’t mean that rhetorically, I mean it as a pure imperative.  You have to love him.  You can’t dip in and give it a listen and mull it over while you’re doing a crossword or picking crisps out of your teeth.   903 more words

The Way of Free Travel

First of all, toward a definition. I don’t mean “free” as in money-less, though much of Free Travel is free in that sense as well. My thought for it is more in line with “Free Jazz.” A way of expression. 622 more words