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Weekend listening: #chilcottjazz & Coltrane lives!

Three years ago, well before I had a Soundcloud account, my good friend Simon Hopkins kindly consented to making some music with me. And now in the spirit of  60 more words

Notes On Jazz: From Confessions Of An Honest Man


            The following excerpt is from my book CONFESSIONS OF AN HONEST MAN.  It is one of those creative moments when my passion for jazz and my passion for writing merge.   2,808 more words


I flEd,

I saW;

I blundered…



(light bulb: thick cable)






'AARRRPPP OUT' to Honorary Ibis birthday girl Lizzy Muller

This “Aaarrpp Out” Happy birthday to you. Acting like a real ibis in this photo though not as deft as a real ibis at hoovering up icing from the bowl. 45 more words


Soul Trane–by Jamie Oehlers

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the album “Soul Trane”, undoubtedly one of the finest saxophonists of the John Coltrane school, Jamie Oehlers presents the music of probably the best known saxophonist in jazz music history. 58 more words

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Coltrane Changes

Historically, early Jazz Standards generally modulate/change key (AKA key centre, AKA tonal centre) in one of three ways: 250 more words

Music Theory


You are laid back,

dusky shadows fall

across your nakedness.

Your hand wraps loosely

a   Cuba Libre whose

clink of ice against the glass

keeps perfect time with Coltrane. 74 more words