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Interviewing Rhiannon Davis

In this blog post I’m going to be introducing you to a fellow student from Columbia College Chicago, Rhiannon Davis. I’ve had multiple classes with her, but never had the opportunity to get to know her outside of, “Hey, I really liked that piece you did!” I asked her if she had time to sit down with me for an interview and she said, “not really, but you can come interview me while I work on a ceramics piece upstairs,” so I did! 623 more words

(Review) Hari Kondabolu @ Columbia College, Chicago IL

I said awhile ago I would make a point to take in more art. I’m pretty sure it’s one of my resolutions I seem to fail on and give excuses for every month, too, but on Thursday night I finally took advantage of one of the events on campus — one I wasn’t planning, for once. 493 more words

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Building Your Own Website

This was a big, challenging and stressful assignment. This one really tested my skills, for the better! Building our own website/homepage was our midterm. We had to come to class prepared with an idea for a website, the navigation headers, logo and 3-4 story ideas. 122 more words

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This assignment was intended to help us with our replication eye. We were instructed to randomly pick a magazine page scattered across our classroom table. We were not allowed to swap with classmates or re-pick a layout. 76 more words

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Cupcake Creations-Multimedia

This assignment was very different than anything I had done before. We were instructed to take 9-12 photos on our own, with a camera or simply our iPhones. 150 more words

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By: Tyler Bravo

We’ve all heard that there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, but where do we draw the line between friendly, and frightening? 352 more words


Restoring Photos

Out of my new-found experience in Photoshop, this was probably my favorite assignment. This one was all about restoring an old photo by touching up holes or discoloration. 83 more words

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