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Steve Granata and Totally Courageous Basketball

This article was originally published in spring 2009 on Beyond the Game, a website constructed by students of Columbia College Chicago’s Advanced Sports Reporting class. This website was a r… 869 more words


One Year Later in LA...

Happy anniversary to me! I never thought I’d be writing a reflection piece on my move but I guess it’s only right. Following my dreams by moving to Los Angeles was probably the  easiest and most unemotional transition I’ve ever made. 2,075 more words

Dear Columbia:Closing Remarks

“I feel like I can’t relate or critique this piece because I’m not a gay black man. Like I feel pushed out.”

Why is it when someone of color writes about their experiences, a white person feels the need to; 1.) disregard every amount of emotional vulnerability exuding in the piece because the writer happens to be of color—but is not talking about their culture specifically, but is simply addressing how an experience has damaged them. 1,417 more words


Dear Columbia: Dear Columbia, I Am Not Unknowable by Vanessa Borjon

Since being asked to reflect on Columbia’s lack of diversity, I have sat down multiple times to recall my own experiences being the only queer Latinx during my run in the poetry department, much less in much of the department’s history, but did not feel like any of the beginnings I came up with created an entryway to what I wanted to say. 708 more words


Dear Columbia: Live What You Love by Rai Mckinley

“Create Change”

When I arrived at Columbia College Chicago in 2013 the school’s motto was “Create Change”. The statement exemplified everything that the school seemingly yearned and strived to be; A place dedicated to social change through artistic practice, a place that put an individual’s human development first, and a place that placed great value in equity on campus and in the classroom. 1,221 more words


Dear Columbia: A Letter from Jessi "Jade" Paul

Dear Dreams,

Please don’t parish. Your surroundings are cold as the central air vents sending chills up your skin.

I sit with moistened cheeks and… 1,111 more words


Dear Columbia: A Letter to Columbia College Chicago by Sung Yim

Last year, I was nominated to represent Columbia College Chicago’s Creative Nonfiction writing department. The department chair solicited a short work sample from me that I was told would be blown up on display as an art installation at President Kwang-Wu Kim’s home. 1,234 more words