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Remember this:

If you’ve had a rough day, tomorrow is right around the corner with a fresh start.

Self-care is important.  Take some time for yourself. 51 more words

Rachel E. Deming

Things That Make One's Heart Beat Faster.

Caffeine – That first cup of coffee in the early morning is a godsend.

A hot shower – Or an ice-cold one, I suppose, depending on a person’s preference. 107 more words

Rachel E. Deming


It’s hard to admit;
In one way or another,
We are all fragile.

Rachel E. Deming


Cleanse me of my doubts,

My trials; lift them away

Like an eraser.

Rachel E. Deming

Why I Love.

Why do I love you?

Your soul is bold, like the sun

In early morning.

Rachel E. Deming


Hi there, friends!  It’s been quite a while since I posted last (this past school year has kept me rather occupied, to say the least) but I’m back.   237 more words

Rachel E. Deming