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– My knee still hurts like a bitch. It’s scabbing over now . . . finally . . . but I still can’t put a whole lot of pressure on it.   1,056 more words

Rachel E. Deming


Writing is a way

To express how I feel when

My lips will not move.

Rachel E. Deming

The thing that John Schultz built

John Schultz built a thing. A weird, wobbly, unwieldy thing that sometimes confused and frightened even those who knew it best, but a thing that worked. 631 more words


Graduation Jitters

By Sara Gunn

As news of my pending graduation from college begins to get out to family and friends, I’m constantly asked two of the most simple questions that call for some very difficult answers. 463 more words

Our Neighbor

The floor is hard, even through the plush padded carpet I can tell my tailbone is going to hurt but with Dominic on top of me, one hand between my legs and the other pulling the baby hairs on the back of my neck, I don’t mind much. 398 more words



Remember this:

If you’ve had a rough day, tomorrow is right around the corner with a fresh start.

Self-care is important.  Take some time for yourself. 51 more words

Rachel E. Deming