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Dept. of Ed: UVA fostered 'hostile environment' for sexual assault survivors

The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights has officially closed its investigation into the sexual assault policies of the University of Virginia, finding that it didn’t “fully comply with Title IX requirements,” including “prompt and equitable responses to certain allegations of sexual assault, adequate coordination of Title IX responsibilities and adequate distribution of the University’s notice of non-discrimination.” 238 more words


Vacating the Tower of Truth

We all know too well how the technology-driven disruption of the news business has led newspapers to slash their staffs—nearly 23,500 jobs (out of 56,400) at U.S. 546 more words

Media Transformation

Maths in the Media

I was inspired to write a blog post after reading this article about Maths in the media. Why is it that it’s so rare to see a news article on pure mathematics, even in Scientific magazines? 375 more words


Accuracy checklists aren't just for staffers

Many years ago, I wrote a travel article that described the Lancaster County area in contrasts: city versus country, 18-wheelers roaring down I-30 with clip-clopping black buggies just feet away on the sides of the highway. 460 more words

Media Mashup: August 28, 2015

Email Addiction?

A survey of white-collar workers by Adobe Systems has discovered a new addiction among Americans: email.

The survey found that people use email six hours a day and more than 30 hours a week. 216 more words

Columbia Journalism Review

Ombudsman: 'Loneliest Job in the Newsroom'

By Casey Bukro

I’m a sucker for stories about news ombudsmen, or public editors or readers representatives, even though they are branded these days. I can’t help myself. 899 more words


Lessons from Cheating, Hacking, Morality and Ethics

By Chava Gourarie, Source : Columbia Journalism Review

The so-called “cheating site” marketed itself as a discreet dating site for married adults seeking extramarital affairs or other unconventional arrangements, though not all users met that description. 2,016 more words

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