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Schooling Journalists: Attkisson Takes On Columbia Journalism Review *Open Thread*

It is no secret that journalism has fallen far in this country. Heck, it is hard to even consider it “journalism.” More like muck-raking, ideologically driven rumors and innuendo, and a rush to judgment in certain cases to push a political ideology. 1,154 more words

Bashing Trump’s Justifiable Outrage Over Disgraceful Press Coverage

By Stephen Lendman | January 18, 2017

With few exceptions, media scoundrels relentlessly bashed him throughout the political season.

Vilification continues daily post-election, inventing reasons to denigrate him, an unprecedented example of political presstitution at its worst.

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The Gaslight Zone: And So It Begins ...

The former Public Editor of The New York Times, Margaret Sullivan, has issued a harsh warning to all journalists and members of the press who try to hold President Donald Cobblepot accountable:  172 more words

Middle Aged Rage

The real history of fake news

Fake news has been in news this year. Keeping the irony aside, fake news is a serious issue. Media propaganda through false reporting is nothing new. 106 more words


Here we go again: No, print will not save the shrinking newspaper business

A few years ago Paul Bass and I appeared on a Connecticut radio station to talk about the future of local journalism. Bass was and is the founder, editor, and publisher of the  209 more words


Morality, media ethics and the algorithm

At a media conference in Dublin last weekend (@cleraunmedia) there was a great deal of talk about digital and data journalism, how to use it, – with the odd nod to how to abuse it – and how it was in some ways helping refine the whole process of keeping the world better informed. 771 more words

Culture Matters


So Trump won the US presidential elections in a stunning upset that left many – including non-Americans – flabbergasted and in the brink of nervous breakdown. 203 more words