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Changes to Facebook's news feed is one more blow the news business doesn't need

News publishers have been railing against Facebook ever since the gigantic platform began scooping up — along with Google — the lion’s share of digital advertising. 512 more words


Using The Term "Racist."

Touchy subject — using the term “racist” while covering President Trump.

“Placing labels on speech by any public figure runs the risk of editorialization, and newsroom decision makers are wary of overstepping conventional norms,” writes Pete Vernon. 15 more words


Cybersecurity Training For Journalists

Basic digital security competence is now essential for all journalists, writes Joshua Oliver.

“These days, bad security habits could betray your sources, or the sources of the reporter sitting next to you,” by clicking the wrong link. 19 more words


Michael Wolff's Access Journalism

Assessing Michael Wolff’s brand of access journalism: Nausicaa Renner and Pete Vernon say Wolff could not have written his book “without the hard work of journalists over the past year; the fire he catalogs was often fueled by stories from mainstream reporters.” 28 more words


Probe Figure Dies By Suicide

What to do when the subject of a sex investigation dies by suicide: There’s no playbook for journalists about how to handle situations like that, writes Meg Dalton, about a Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting and Louisville Public Media podcast revealing the troubled past of a prominent political and religious figure. 30 more words


Weeding Out Toxic Commentary

Norwegian Broadcasting Corp. finds a way to weed out toxic commentary: Take a quiz.

Many large media organizations eliminated their comment sections because of abusive commentary, writes Steve Friess. 63 more words


Journalistic paranoia in an age of Trump, and how narratives weakened the profession.

If Columbia Journalism Review’s decree that it is “the voice of journalism” has any merit to it, no wonder the profession died such a slow and horrible death. 1,017 more words

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