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In Defense of Legendary Prize Winning Investigative Journalist Seymour Hersh

It was legendary scholarly investigative journalist Seymour Hersh who uncovered the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam as well as the prisoner abusive torture at Abu Ghraib in Iraq by the Bush/Cheney administration, inter alia. 175 more words

Argentum Post

The fate of The Boston Phoenix's online archives

The fate of The Boston Phoenix’s online archives has been a matter of great concern to all of us who worked there. Some of us — me included — have hundreds of articles stored on the late alt-weekly’s servers with no other way to access them. 65 more words


Now that he is gone, and Ms. Sandberg goes from being half of a celebrated partnership to perhaps the business world’s most prominent single mother, the pages of “Lean In” carry a new sting of loss.

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Lessons in Journalistic Failures

In the last six month, three major media scandals rocked the country. A December 2014 article from Rolling Stone titled “A Rape on Campus” that profiled a gang rape of a student named Jackie at a University of Virginia fraternity house. 760 more words

A Rape On Campus

Fear and the Fact Check

In the wake of the Rolling Stone rape story, its retraction, and Columbia School of Journalism’s excellent analysis of the many ways Rolling Stone and journalist Sabrina Rubin Erdely went wrong, Monica Guzman wrote about… 215 more words


Where is journalism heading?

Working on Global Journalist has made me more aware of everywhere in the world where journalism is suffering. Whether through the government or businesses or even the publications themselves, the world of journalism is going through a rough patch. 625 more words

Isn’t It Time to Speak Up About Sex-Assault Allegers Who Don’t Cooperate With Police?

I’m old enough to remember a remark made by the attorney for Mary Beth Whitehead, one of the first surrogate mothers, who, in a very controversial soap opera of a custody case in 1985, changed her mind and sued to gain custody of the infant daughter she’d contractually promised to a married couple—and who was slammed down by the judge. 2,037 more words