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Media Trauma at Mass Shootings

Media melees at mass shootings seen as a second trauma to grief-stricken communities. Jon Allsop offers five ideas for more respectful media coverage, like good manners.



Update: The word is now official. The Alaska Dispatch News is history. The Anchorage Daily News is back. The first of the new Anchorage Daily News newspapers are begin landing on city doorsteps Sunday, according to a company statement. 812 more words


Journalism Endowment Fund

Fixing journalism with a multibillion dollar endowment fund: Emily Bell writes tech giants could donate billions for a new type of engine for independent journalism. “Now is a good time to abandon the fantasy that the health of journalism is tied to free-market economics.”


Our Forefathers Are Spinning In Their Graves Watching The Main Stream Media Suppressing News In Regard To Hillary Clinton's Criminality's.

I wrote this Oct 17,2016

Our Forefathers of so high esteem wisdom who gave us a Constitution for the reason to protect We The People from a malicious government that we have today that countries have been wanting to copy from all over the world except for the liberals (socialists) in our country who actually want to destroy the Constitution so as to deprive We The People of our freedoms. 530 more words

Fighting ‘the Gawker effect’ in the wake of Weinstein

Is it getting difficult for journalist to come up with damning stories on rich people?

Perhaps the Weinstein story will prove to be the dam-breaker, and indeed women are already coming forward to tell stories they hadn’t previously felt emboldened to tell—and news organizations are standing with them.

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The media as the resistance

Jill Abramson, a former executive editor of the New York Times, has a few things to say about the paper’s coverage of President Trump. In a… 671 more words

Reuters - A Soros Cabalite

A Reuter’s article is claiming that Russia is aiding and abetting North Korea in order to protect themselves militarily from the NATO and US forces buildup on Russia’s border. 430 more words