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The problem with World Press Photo's contest - Columbia Journalism Review

Took a few days off to spend time with the family at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina which meant I had a break from posting. 1,885 more words


Relationship between President Obama and the press is more distant than it has been in a half century

by Susan Milligan
March/April 2015

….An exhaustive study of every official exchange Obama had with the press corps in 2014, supplemented by a review of daily press briefings and interviews with more than a dozen current and former correspondents and White House press secretaries, reveals a White House determined to conceal its workings from the press, and by extension, the public. 78 more words

Israel & Middle East

21st-Century Censorship

21st-Century Censorship

by Philip Bennett and Moises Naim, Columbia Journalism Review (part 3 of issue), 2015

The premise here is that the Internet is not the bastion of freedom of information that it might appear to be, especially outside the US. 58 more words

The Product

The Product

by John B. Judis, Columbia Journalism Review (part 2 of issue), 2015

Judis, a former editor at New Republic, explains, from his point of view, what happened with Chris Hughes and the magazine. 36 more words

The Reckoning

The Reckoning

by Alexis Sobel Fitts, Columbia Journalism Review, 2015

As I’ve received my magazines, I’ve noticed the last few months many articles entitled something like “What ISIS Really Wants.” Meanwhile, I have been skeptical about journalists’ ability to accurately portray what is happening, and what the motives are. 55 more words

Let's rate news analysts on their track records

The New York Times recently issued a “Libya is falling apart” editorial. As Glenn Greenwald noted, The Times failed to mention it was an enthusiastic supporter of U.S. 421 more words

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