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Numerous attempts to reach Spielberg and Pascal for comment through their representatives over the course of several weeks were unsuccessful. An official of Echo Lake Entertainment, the Beverly Hills-based film and television production, finance, and management company that represents Hannah, wrote in an email, “I’m not sure she is going to be doing any press right now.”

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Trump and Newtown

Former New Haven Register reporter Chris Hoffman tells a strange tale of the Trump White House and the families of the victims of the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school. 115 more words


Our Bubble Is Bigger and More Porous Than Theirs

The Columbia Journalism Review is a magazine for professional journalists. It’s been published by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism since 1961. Like it or not, it’s a relatively reliable source of information. 880 more words


A major new study finds that political polarization is mainly a right-wing phenomenon

Previously published at WGBHNews.org.

A major new study of social-media sharing patterns shows that political polarization is more common among conservatives than liberals — and that the exaggerations and falsehoods emanating from right-wing media outlets such as Breitbart News have infected mainstream discourse. 866 more words


Schooling Journalists: Attkisson Takes On Columbia Journalism Review *Open Thread*

It is no secret that journalism has fallen far in this country. Heck, it is hard to even consider it “journalism.” More like muck-raking, ideologically driven rumors and innuendo, and a rush to judgment in certain cases to push a political ideology. 1,154 more words

Bashing Trump’s Justifiable Outrage Over Disgraceful Press Coverage

By Stephen Lendman | January 18, 2017

With few exceptions, media scoundrels relentlessly bashed him throughout the political season.

Vilification continues daily post-election, inventing reasons to denigrate him, an unprecedented example of political presstitution at its worst.

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