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Fear of missing out (and how even the knitting events you can't attend might still bring you joy)

Fear of missing out (“FoMO”) is the fear that you’re missing out on fun and rewarding interactions and experiences that other people are having.  Apparently we all have different factors which might cause us to experience FoMO to varying degrees (including the levels of autonomy, competence and connectedness we feel in our daily lives), but a… 1,111 more words

Going to the Columbia Road Flower Market

I sat down between two people, in the small seats on the Metropolitan line. Like the myth of urinal etiquette, I wouldn’t have done it if I had an option, but I was hungover, tired, and everyone standing had suitcases that swung into ankles with the motion of the train. 521 more words

Flower Markets and Spring in London.

I don’t know if it’s hit the international news networks yet—I mean, it definitely should because it’s bloody important!—but it hasn’t rained in London in almost a week. 486 more words


Councillor Tony Belton’s Latchmere March Newsletter (# 70)

March highlights

  1.  Once again the Council’s threat to close Battersea Sports Centre (BSC) dominated the month. On 10th February, the Community Services Overview & Scrutiny Committee heard, what were, I am told,  two excellent deputations from the staff (Mandy Le Fondre) and the local community (Andy Beech from Pennethorne House), but unfortunately the Conservative/Tory majority on the Committee were not really listening, or at least were not prepared to change their minds.
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Latchmere (Wandsworth) News

Columbia Road Flower Market

There’s a reason why people go on about the classics. Whether it’s the Godfather Part 2 or really good apple pie, there’s a reason why the same films (and desserts) are recommended time and again. 1,323 more words

Stuff To Do In London

Oasis in a Busy City

Today I needed to get out.  It has been so dreary, cold and wet, with the raising of the sun I felt I needed to be out and about, enjoying that little ray of sun.  368 more words


This weekend's good for… bringing Spring indoors

The first signs of Spring are showing… daffodils in the shops, snowdrops in the parks… so this weekend, bring a little indoors to brighten your home and add fresh scent. 403 more words