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Introducing...SOK's Album-a-Day!

Anyone who reads this blog knows how I feel about albums…

Singles come and go, arriving on a tidal wave of hype only to be forgotten when the next one comes along. 91 more words

Some Thoughts on Prince...

In case you missed it, Prince broke “Saturday Night Live” protocol last week and delivered an epic eight-minute power set. An eclectic mix of new material, random props, and visual effects, it was by far the best part of Saturday’s lackluster show. 182 more words

Columbia Spectator Partners with WaPo (No Joke!)

Responsive design. Snazzy graphics. Feels like Ezra Klein’s Vox, perhaps?
Still, worth watching if Media is your thing. 10 more words

Campus News

Kendrick Lamar and the Dangers of Sampling

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It turns out you might want to think twice before making that mixtape—just ask Kendrick Lamar. 139 more words

Columbia's EPPC Recommends Standardizing Credit

On the front page of their last daily print edition The Columbia Spectator featured the data released by the EPPC last week.

In short (they said it best): “The Education Policy and Planning Committee proposed on Friday to add a point to courses with two weekly lectures and a discussion section.” 109 more words

Why the Columbia Spectator Sucks

In contrast to the standard conception of the Spec as cantankerous obstinate, and ubiquitous in their search for truth and their independence of authority, we at specsucks believe that indeed the Columbia Spectator (spec) serves a societal purpose, not that of enabling the public to assert meaningful control over the campus issues by providing them with the information needed for the intelligent dialogue of campus responsibilities. 826 more words

Word and Mouth: Shmoozing & Snacking With the Columbia Spectator Crowd

Columbia University is an Ivy League institution. To make sure no one forgets that, the college’s newspaper, The Columbia Daily Spectator, held its 27th Annual Awards Dinner at the super-swanky New York Athletic Club on Friday, replete with all the Ivy essentials: a string quartet, celebrities, oak-paneled walls and hearty chuckling over free merlot. 906 more words