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Scientists turn tastes on and off by activating and silencing clusters of brain cells

Most people probably think that we perceive the five basic tastes — sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami (savory)–with our tongue, which then sends signals to our brain ‘telling’ us what we’ve tasted. 30 more words


Dissolving stent for heart arteries passes first large test in U.S.

Now you see it, now you don’t. A new type of heart stent that works like dissolving stitches, slowly going away after it has done its job, passed its first major test in a large study, doctors said. 702 more words


Scientists Find Link Between Birth Month And Disease Risk

Scientists may make fun of astrologers for saying that your birth month exerts a profound effect on your personality and direction in life, but a new study finds them singing a similar refrain. 56 more words


June 15th 2015 - Caitlyn Cardetti, Columbia University Medical School

I am a research assistant for the Behavioral Medicine division at Columbia University Medical Center. I have been in this role just over a year. I have a B.S. 314 more words


Germany's ZEIT ONLINE Covers Columbia University's 'Mattress Girl' Rape Hoax Saga

Read the German version of this text.

Everything depends on just 56 pages: His reputation, his future, his life. The lawsuit “Paul Nungeßer versus Columbia University… 567 more words


Study: Fewer Kids Have Severe Mental Health Issues, Take More Medicine Than Ever Before

ATLANTA (AP) — Contrary to public perception and horrific cases that make headlines, serious mental problems are declining among the nation’s youth, and there has been a big rise in how many are getting help, a new study finds. 595 more words