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pac-man type

I was born in the late 70s so I consider myself an 80s kid which means I was heavily influenced by the things that were prominent during that time. 751 more words


Weed Killer

A Georgia rapper was shot and killed after being passed a suitcase full of marijuana outside a local Pizza Hut. I had no idea that was a topping the Hut offered. 202 more words


Trying my Luck with Origin Coffee for St Paddy’s Day!

Happy St Paddys day, everyone! Or…. post-St Paddys day, since this is going up on Monday, the day after St. Patrick’s day. This weekend I hunted around town, since I feel kind of jipped by the lack of Seasonal drinks from my guilty pleasure, Starbucks. 378 more words


New at Starbucks; Ari’s Cloud Macchiato

Good Morning, guys! If you’re living under a rock, or just don’t particularly follow Starbucks new releases, you may not have heard about the Cloud Macchiato. 596 more words


REPORT: Multiple groups interested in FHL team in Columbus, GA

After two seasons without pro hockey in the Fountain City, there is talk that multiple groups are reportedly trying to bring hockey back to Columbus, Georgia next season in the Federal Hockey League. 953 more words


Why The Death of Kim Porter Impacted So Many

Death discriminates against no one. While our world is separated by many languages and personal preferences, it is one of the life experiences that unites us all. 591 more words

Listening ---> Life: A Confession

Did you know that even Christian Music Bloggers are flawed?
(Okay, so maybe my readers didn’t suspect anything, but get ready for it.)

Ready for the confession? 492 more words

Sweet Sweet Sounds