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Graduated From An Engineering Bootcamp? Now What?

While hip hop may have ‘too many mc’s and not enough mics,’ in tech, there are too many startups and not enough seasoned technologists. Over the last seven years, hopeful entrepreneurs have flooded the market, looking to cut their teeth in the hopes of building the next billion-dollar business. 621 more words


Email Is The Last, And Ultimate, Social Graph

One of the magical innovations of the Web 2.0 era was when the bigger social platforms opened their doors to third-party app developers. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter widely touted ,and profited from, the concept of allowing consumers to plug their social graph into other applications. 778 more words


You Reap What You Sow

Yo-Yo ‘You Can’t Play With My Yo Yo’

Once upon I liked a guy. This guy seemed as normal as the next guy (whatever normal is supposed to mean in this context) until he turned out to be an attention-seeking, wannabe amateur porn star. 652 more words


The SaaS Success Database

What does it take to build a billion-dollar SaaS enterprise-software company? We gave a 30,000-foot answer to this complex — and fascinating — question in a recent TechCrunch post, … 1,047 more words


When an Editor Asks

When a newspaper editor asked me if I’d be interested in writing a column for the paper, and went on to say I could publish stories I’d stock-piled, even my fiction, in the form of a series, that is when I became excited and answered, yes! 126 more words


Some Game Review

“Ladies, gentlemen, PokéFans – If, like me, you happen to be believe in the sanctity of poisoning, freezing, paralyzing and burning small creatures (and Christ, you best believe I do), chances are the October 12th release of Pokémon X & Y last year did not allude you. 349 more words


Rainier Beach's Restorative Justice Town Hall: Creating the Better Way

by James Akbar Williams

Jackie De La Cruz is mother of two African American sons and also a student at Seattle University.  She attended the Restorative Justice Town Hall at Urban Impact two Wednesday’s ago, because she feels our young people should be better loved and uplifted.   1,416 more words