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ジョブズ氏だけじゃない--新たな道を切り開いたテクノロジ分野の17の偉人たち [ #cloud ]

トップバッターはHeddy Lamarr氏だ。同氏は正真正銘のハリウッドスターであるとともに、今日のワイヤレス通信の礎となっているスペクトラム拡散の初期的な技術を1940年代に発案した。同氏の発明は時代のはるか先を行くものだった。しかも、そのアイデアはバーで思いつき、カクテルナプキンに書き込んだとされている。これが現在の技術の基礎となっている。しかし当時はまだその発明を現実化する技術がなかった。



Why have some of Silicon Valley's top investors started investing in Latin America?

Latin America just might be the most overlooked emerging market on the planet.

The venture dollars in Latin America can’t hold a candle to India… 1,101 more words


Large CPGs are under attack by startups... and consumers are winning

Consumer packaged goods are big business — valued at more than $2 trillion — with much of that market share dominated by CPG powerhouses like Unilever, P&G and Nestlé. 1,117 more words


Who run the world?

Two weeks ago I took part in the Great North Run, the world’s biggest half marathon with more than 57,000 runners from 178 countries. The 21k race in Newcastle was my fifth half marathon and by no means the fastest, but one of the most memorable. 416 more words


Wednesday: Just keep writing

Wednesday is known as Hump Day. It is set right in the centre of the work week, and with the pressures of work mounting and the weekends still in the hazy distance of 2 days, the strain on the poor working soul can be quite palpable. 365 more words

A Win at Hofstra Doesn't Mean Much

By Joe Moresky

The art of debate is an intellectual crucible. Schools of thought clash over points of in a civilized form of cerebral warfare, attempting to persuade. 505 more words


Three things venture capitalists need to show their own investors

“The table stakes for  has never been higher,” says Judith Elsea,  co-founder of the fund-of-funds Weathergage Capital, in our latest interview.

With the rise of stronger and stronger operational models, like… 385 more words