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Trends in Israel's cybersecurity investments

While global investment in cybersecurity startups may have shown signs of slowing in 2016, Israel – second only to the U.S. market – remained strong and showed impressive numbers yet again, as we witnessed a surge in funding and continued innovation. 1,139 more words


Ethics vs. Laws

As a business student I learn a lot about work laws and ethics in my courses and how to act ideally within the workplace, and how sometimes we need to make our decision with ethics and not by law and vise versa. 378 more words


Bellx in Color

Miriam Meza is the founder of Bellx in Color, which is dedicated to increasing online visibility of men and women of different skin tones in the fashion industry. 144 more words


The Art of the Videogame: Photography

The first photograph of a human being ever taken was that of an anonymous figure having his boots polished on Boulevard du Temple in Paris. Louis Daguerre—the French painter and chemist who invented daguerreotype process of photography—took this photograph in 1838 by exposing a chemically treated metal plate for about ten minutes. 1,457 more words