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Westcar: High-speed rail would disrupt swathes of London

For a city that has turned its back on passenger trains and trams, London has developed a sudden enthusiasm for high-speed rail. What’s not to like about the Liberals’ $5-billion promise of bullet trains, hurtling to and from Toronto in 73 minutes? 672 more words


Paula Simons: Police Chief Rod Knecht deserved better than clumsy dismissal

It was a peculiar and messy ending for a police chief whose years in office were largely devoid of peculiar mess.

On Wednesday night, the news broke that Rod Knecht, who’s been chief of the Edmonton Police Service since 2011, would not have his contract renewed by the Edmonton police commission. 752 more words

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Kielburgers: Marriage of science, arts key to future success

With the same pen, Leonardo da Vinci sketched enigmatic smiles, and drew up blueprints for technologies that were centuries ahead of his time. He saw no boundary between art and science. 512 more words


Baranyai: Basic income pilots have all-party support, so far

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

During the countdown to the provincial election, Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford often has missed the mark. 526 more words


Seglin: Do good flower boxes make good neighbours?

There’s a bit of a construction boom going on in Theresa’s (that’s what we’re calling her here) neighbourhood. Once a quiet, tightly knit neighbourhood on the outskirts of a small city, it had recently been discovered by a new generation of buyers and developers looking to invest in the next hot city neighbourhood. 485 more words


Warren: Is universal basic income the future?

Global capitalism has a serious problem. Organizations such as Oxford University and the Brookings Institute say nearly 50 per cent of today’s jobs are “at risk” of being computerized over the next 20 years. 842 more words


Dawson: Your money is subsidizing a luxury yacht company

The lifestyles of the rich and famous, man.

While the rest of us walk our dogs along the canal or maybe hop in a canoe or onto a paddleboard, a swanky European company is set to charge the willing and able thousands of dollars to cruise on luxury yachts as they go up and down the waterway.  641 more words