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Column: Why Trump's perspective on trade with Canada is unbalanced

By Bradley Parkes

It’s clear that U.S. President Donald Trump thinks the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is unfair to the United States. He believes trade should balance. 750 more words


Sask. Party leadership debates all about the the Sask. Party

To suggest that the Saskatchewan Party has suddenly become top-down driven and insulated from the public it strives to serve belies two important realities.

First, all governing parties are top-down driven and become increasingly insular as time goes by. 649 more words


Opinion: Training for judges should include Indigenous perspectives

In Canada, all judges and those applying to be judges must soon take additional training to address sexual assault cases.

The Judicial Accountability through Sexual Assault Law Training Bill is intended to correct the overt deficiencies within the criminal justice system regarding sexual violence against women and girls. 660 more words


Breakenridge: Forget personalities, building a new arena is all about the numbers

Whatever points one wants to make about tone or attitude, or any other superficial quality of the main players in Calgary’s arena debate, the numbers have taken over this conversation. 667 more words


Allison Hanes: Sorry, no way to calculate ePrix ticket sales before election

So much for transparency. The group created by the city to organize the contentious electric car race in July now says a full accounting of the financials for ePrix will not be available before the November election. 779 more words


Egan: Ontario eyes ban of door-to-door sales on furnaces, AC, water-softening systems

Ontario is considering the outlawing of door-to-door sales of home-service products after receiving thousands of complaints about expensive, locked-in contracts signed under questionable circumstances.

The Putting Consumers First Act has been passed by the Ontario legislature and is now awaiting detailed regulations that could ban the sale of furnaces, air conditioners, water-heating and water-softening systems at the door. 950 more words

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MacDougall: If Liberal futility continues, expect more of Trudeau running on ... being Trudeau

How do you attack a government that does little, but looks great doing it?

When Justin Trudeau starts featuring his softer attributes, there’s a good chance something of substance is being savaged. 800 more words