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Lougheed: Vaccine-hesitant parents, please reach out for information

I recently took my infant son for his first set of immunizations. As a physician, I had seen vaccinations given hundreds of times and administered them hundreds more; as a process it was straightforward. 673 more words


Rochelle: Love, forgiveness and unity after the Christchurch mosque attacks

In the aftermath of the slaughter of worshippers in a sacred space, it is easy to be angry. The targets of rage seem endless: callow politicians who peddle the basest of human emotions and sling hateful words that morph into weapons; white supremacy ideologies whose violence is rendered all the more malignant by the refusal to name it as such; the immediacy with which victims became political fodder for anti-migrant zealots, where, even as lives are extinguished, they are expected to answer for their existence in New Zealand, in the West, in the world. 475 more words


Smol: Why it's smart to ban smartphones in Ontario classrooms

As an active teacher unionist and lifelong social democrat, I find it truly awkward coming out in support of the Ford government’s ban on cellphone use in the classroom. 709 more words


Keith Gerein: UCP leadership revelations a scandal of ethics, integrity and hypocrisy

The leader has lost the moral authority to govern.

You can bet that’s what Jason Kenney would be saying if it was Rachel Notley, Justin Trudeau or any other rival politician who was at the centre of a scandal like the one now consuming the top ranks of the United Conservative Party. 808 more words


Canada is becoming a lonely place, and that’s good news for the food industry

The number of households in Canada with only one person has never been higher. It appears Canada is catching up to the rest of the Western world. 696 more words


Collective Voice: Behind the scenes of the Co-op strike

Grade 9 students in the Collective Voice program at Aden Bowman Collegiate share their lives and opinions through columns. Selected columns run on Mondays in The Saskatoon StarPhoenix. 730 more words