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Elliot’s News Roundup WVII

The Home Office and MPs continue to condemn the treatment of LGBT+ Asylum seekers. Home Office barrister, Andrew Bird, rejected the appeal of Nigerian woman, Aderonke Apata, despite evidence of ‘same-sex activity’, because she had children, which therefore excluded her from ‘the social group known as lesbians’. 728 more words


Russian Correspondent - What Year Is This Again?

What I really envy in Russians is their self-assured ways. They are sure about themselves and they are sure about their country. The admirable pride they take in Russia still leaves me speechless after six months. 817 more words


How our chief executives can get a handle on spending

Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

Federal spending has exploded in recent years, with our national debt climbing past $18.1 trillion as 2015 dawned. State spending in Mississippi has also climbed, with a debt amounting to more than $15 billion. 768 more words


Organic Tales + Important News

NEWS !!!!! Last week, I passed my driving test !!!
That was something I had to mention. It’s very momentous, and I’m so happy and relieved! 301 more words


GINTA — In recent news… or the power of each and all of us

Daniela Ginta writes for The Armchair Mayor News on Fridays.

COLUMN — I remember seeing a photo of Mount Everest very early on at a young age. 832 more words


Penktadienio trofėjai

Jau kaip nemėgstu minių, mugių, keptų dešrų kvapo ir emocinio pirkimo, tai net gėda ir prisipažinti. Bet taip jau yra, kad ko nemėgsti, tai ir darai. 420 more words



There is cloth over
the door of the clay house
and old women, keep walking
in and there is a distinct sound
of wailing
that is too loud and the noise… 55 more words