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KNOX — Court ruling leaves councils without a prayer

Jack Knox writes for the Victoria Times-Colonist this week about prayers at council meetings, which Mel Rothenburger also wrote about this week. Would like to say great minds think alike, but that might be an exaggeration on several fronts. 720 more words


ROGERS — Hyped Apple Watch headlines don't tell full story

Mark Rogers writes a column about social media and hosts a blog at http://www.newsonaut.com.

COLUMN — If you have been following the latest about the new Apple Watch, you may be quite impressed by the sales figures. 570 more words


Dear New York,

Listen to Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind.

I lived in Joy-zee when my pudgy fingers struggled to grasp a plum Crayola, let alone to tie the laces on my magenta Barbie sneakers, but I was never there long enough to develop an accent. 543 more words


ROTHENBURGER — Court's ban on Lord's Prayer not a big deal

COLUMN — I read this week about Saguenay, Quebec where the council has been told to stop reciting the Lord’s Prayer at its meetings. The Supreme Court has ruled it violates religious liberties. 770 more words