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What the RNC Could Learn From Reality TV

The Republican National Convention, despite all evidence to the contrary, was not a four-episode long reality competition series in which the most unlikely option rose inevitably to clinch the title of “Your Republican Presidential Nominee.” 1,007 more words



THE HARD PART: The last “Amen” has been said at the last funeral for the Dallas policemen slain in the July 7 ambush. Now comes the hard part. 277 more words


Heard About Town by Vic Parker

The helpmate ran across a story somewhere about the IQs of former presidents, including Washington and Jefferson. I don’t know how they do it, but these researchers somehow extrapolate and can figure pretty closely what those IQs were. 163 more words


WEEKLY DEVOTIONALS | Overcoming Discouraging People

Rev. Seth Buckner

My dad has been a pastor for most of my life, and if there is anything I have learned in nearly forty years of attending church and involvement in ministry, it is this: there are folks that will try to discourage you!   120 more words


WHAT WAS COOKIN’ by Sherry McAdoo

My heart is broken because of the chaos and division in America at this time. What is happening to my beloved country? Men are being assassinated because of the uniforms  88 more words


On The Importance of Denotation

Harrison Phipps
  Opinions Editor 

Hateful and bigoted; these are among the things that social conservatives are labelled. There are many reasons to be called these things, but having a dissenting opinion is not one of them. 701 more words

The Secret Horcrux

Harry Potter is a very popular series of books by J.K. Rowling. It is mostly about school, but also magic and magical artifacts. Lighting spells, flying brooms, transformation potions, etc. 645 more words