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4:37AM. Tuesday morning. She laid on the bed, motionless. No sound. No ideas. No thoughts. Only the image of my sweet queen lying on the bed, fighting for her life. 437 more words



Today I went to the hospital to have my ears looked at in fear of my brain remembering Menier’s Disease and Tinnitus, and to evaluated my hearing loss. 328 more words


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In praise of the NHS

In April 2014, when my mother was dying, I got a cough which just wouldn’t go away. I put it down to stress and smoking too much while watching her slip away just three weeks after a liver cancer diagnosis. 1,299 more words



I feel I must be honest and include everything significant that happens to me in this blog, for memory and the outsourcing of it. My various problems are returning after coma so well my recovery progresses. 292 more words


The Toughest Decision Of My Life

Mother was is coma for one month; before passing away in 2015. She was suffering from low blood pressure that made her sleep so long. She was on ventilator and the doctor, in fact no one, was sure if she could ever come back and become like before. 147 more words


A Ticket to the Fair

The crowd bustles past me. I stand here taking in the noise and blur of people rushing by. In front of me stands this giant sign pointing to the fair behind a grand fence. 372 more words

Twenty Something

Chocolate Coma

Chocolate coma, it’s a thing. Not like a thing kids talk about when they are a whole one pound, milk chocolate Easter bunny; it is an actual medical condition. 187 more words

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