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A state of unnatural and prolonged sleep, with complete unconsciousness. Greek “koma”=deep sleep c.f. “koman”=to put to sleep.


Adebisi quickly drove home at top speed and started packing her loads. She must leave before the police show up. Tunde was Adebisi’s boyfriend and they love themselves so much or so she thought. 351 more words

I think there was a song about this back in the '70s, and the Feed

Yes there was a song about this back in the early ’80s. I have to wait until the surgeon gets the MRI to look at then talks to me and some time after the 14th I will go to the hospital and get the lump cut out. 589 more words

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I'm still here

He took a long, hard pull on his cigarette and realized it was close to being done. He felt done.


Pregnant woman kept alive in coma for nearly two months to save baby

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OMAHA, Ne. –  Karla Perez was only 22 weeks pregnant when something terrible happened.

At first it just seemed like a bad headache, but it was a brain bleed so bad that doctors had little hope she would survive. 142 more words


Remembering Joni Mitchell: Ten Great Songs

To those of us old enough to remember Joni Mitchell as the blonde sex-bomb of the folk music scene, the TMZ report that she was in a coma — … 934 more words

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Mesaj de la tatăl lui Titel Maghiar

Se mai demonstrează încă odată, dacă mai era nevoie, faptul că într-adevăr, CRESTINII pot fi o forță extraordinară atunci când se unesc în rugăciune către DUMNEZEU.  81 more words