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Ketchup Awake After 20 Hours In Coma

Nigerian Singer, Ketchup has woken up after reportedly spending 20 hours in coma.

Reports that news reached Nigeria on Tuesday, May 3, that Ketchup fell off a jet ski while out with friends in Dubai on Monday and immediately lost consciousness. 42 more words


Nigerian Singer Ketchup In Coma After a Terrible Jet Ski Accident

Musician Ketchup, real names Onyido Nkemjika, is allegedly in coma following a jet ski accident the guy was involved in far away Dubai.

A source who broke the news online and prayed for the singer, said the Pam Pam crooner was with friends when the unfortunate accident happened. 42 more words



As I said the last time I was here coma victims should visit this place, my walking has improved again because of the daily foot massage and all the walking we do over uneven surfaces. 190 more words


Nigerian singer Ketchup in a 'coma'?

I do not know how true this is, saw it on an Instagram page though.

It reads:

Nigerian singer ketchup is presently in a coma after a bad Jetski accident in Dubai yesterday.

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Leicester City’s title celebrations were brought to a shuddering halt by heavy showers of Walkers cheese and onion crisps last night as Gary Lineker awoke from a nine-month coma. 153 more words


Mishi Medford

This story is not for the faint of heart or faith. Although there is no doubt how great science is, this story is proof that not even science can answer everything. 893 more words

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