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Event Reports: Flooding shuts down Nebraska nuke, electrical problems close unit in Minnesota and a Texas nuke issues a report on invalid diesel generator activation after a couple of months

From today’s NRC Event Notification Report page:

1. The Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant in Nebraska began a controlled shutdown of the facility’s nuclear reactor as the National Weather Service issued a warning that the Missouri River would rise above the station’s allowable flood stage. 159 more words

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Event Reports: The things you'll find out when a reactor is shut down....

Three items from today’s Event Notification page on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s website:

1. Last Friday, as technicians were conducting a series of tests on the Unit 2 reactor at Texas’ Comanche Peak nuclear plant, “it was determined that (a fire safe shutdown) cable was routed through a cable tray that was not designed to have a fire safe shutdown barrier.” The Event Report said that this routing “created an unanalyzed condition that significantly degrades plant safety.” Compensatory measures have been taken. 99 more words

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Update on NRC Event Reports: Comanche Peak restores offsite power and Hope Creek reactor crashes on restart

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Event Reports page has updates on two items that I told you about yesterday:
First, the Comanche Peak nuclear powerplant in North Texas restored offsite power to both reactors, which had been on emergency diesel generator power after an offsite electrical cable was cut in a still-unexplained accident. 102 more words

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NRC Event Report: Two North Texas reactors on emergency power after cable supplying offsite power is cut

Wednesday afternoon, operators at the Comanche Peak nuclear power plant in North Texas declared an Unusual Event for both the station’s reactors after offsite power was lost. 39 more words

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Update: Comanche Peak expansion suspended

I wrote on Monday that the attempt to expand Texas’ Comanche Peak nuclear power plant was in trouble due to an unexpected shutdown of Unit 2 during testing, a negative safety report from the Government Accountability Office and a looming bankruptcy deadline. 402 more words

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Lots of bad news for a nuke that wants to expand....

This day started out with a visit to the NRC Event Reports page where I found out that last Friday night, the Unit 2 reactor at the Comanche Peak nuclear power plant tripped during testing. 352 more words

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Event Report update: Comanche Peak reactor scrammed

Yesterday, I told you that Unit 1 at the Comanche Peak nuclear power plant in north Texas experienced an unexpected activation of the reactor’s emergency systems. 58 more words

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