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Journal ~ Camping Alone ~ May 4th 1997

In 1996 I left Indiana and my (then) abusive husband, and found a new place to call home in the mountains of Colorado. It was October when I arrived in the mountains, so I stayed in a motel room that winter. 336 more words


1992 Jeep Comanche Owners Manual User Guide Reference Operator Book Fuses Fluids

Also called an operating manual, this book acquaints the owner with the operating controls of the vehicle, recommends certain maintenance & minor service procedures, includes brief specifications & capacities.
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"Wild About Horses" by Lawrence Scanlan

First a preface- Yes, I’m slacking again, and here’s the short version of a long tale…I bought a house, it took 90 days to close on it due to going the government loan route, and I finally (FINALLY) have finished moving into the new house. 407 more words

Book Review

Today in Texas History - June 20

From the Annals of the Horse Troopers –   In 1852, Fort Clark was established by two companies of the First Infantry under the command of Major Joseph H. 187 more words

Today In Texas History

Environmental History Paper, May 2012

enviro paper

This paper was a challenge to work on. I wish I had the original copies, but it took a lot of work. I had this idea in my head of WHAT I wanted to write about, but how to present it, that was the issue. 90 more words

Capstone Paper, December 2013

Comanche Paper

This is the final paper I wrote as an undergrad. The Capstone course was about Slavery from historical slavery to modern day slave trade. 72 more words

Rediscovering 'Daughter of Dawn'

Is Daughter of Dawn an Indigenous film?

Questions of authenticity and cultural representation often arise in Native American/Indigenous Cinema. Going back to Barry Barclay’s inception of the Fourth Cinema as Indigenous Cinema (in Barclay’s words, “with a capital ‘I'”), … 1,631 more words