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Comanche's Local Elections and Other Political Views......

So, usually I blog my endorsements for the local elections. This election I am refraining from making any endorsements except for the Mayor. I fully support Ronnie Clifton and know that he is the only man for the job. 590 more words

The Family of Floyd Key Photo By: Kyle Riley

This was a special family photo as Kyle Riley again captured us looking positioned just right. You will notice an addition to the family. Jade was in the photo because she is like family. We all love her so!

Book review: Empire of the Summer Moon

EMPIRE OF THE SUMMER MOON : Quanah Parker and the rise and fall of the Comanches, the most powerful Indian tribe in American history, by… 2,530 more words



I’ve just received my copy of February’s Aquila children’s magazine, having contributed an article. They have a theme for each issue, and this month it’s the horse. 236 more words

Southeast Memphis intersection has especially dangerous night

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Neighbors in a southeast Memphis neighborhood are reeling after several incidents happened near the Getwell and Comanche intersection late Tuesday and early Wednesday. 317 more words


First trip for 2015

2 Jan 15:

Yesterday we left our beautiful yacht, Ariadne’s Clew, in a floating berth at Kettering Marina and drove home for a few days, having spent the previous five days aboard. 1,147 more words

In 1814 we took a little trip...

In 1959, Johnny Horton earned a number one hit on the Billboard Charts for the song The Battle of New Orleans.  Written by Jimmy Driftwood… 585 more words

My Genealogy

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Reblogging here something by my daughter Larisa Joy Reilly Thomas, posted today on her blog "Roots of Kinship". Great little family story about one of my favorite songs from my teen years, which took on family significance far exceeding the musical quality of the song! The Battle of New Orleans by Johnny HortonDespite its rather unusual subject matter, The Battle of New Orleans won the 1960 Grammy for Best Country & Western song and was 1959's #1 song on the Billboard Top 100 -- see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billboard_Year-End_Hot_100_singles_of_1959 Johnny Horton had several other hits with unlikely subjects, including "Sink the Bismarck", about the British Navy's efforts to sink the German battleship Bismarck in World War II; "Comanche", about the horse Comanche, which was the sole survivor of the Battle of the Little Big Horn and Custer's Last Stand; and "North to Alaska", about the 1896 Alaskan gold rush. Johnny Horton's Greatest Hits AlbumSadly, Horton was killed in an automobile accident on November 5, 1960, near Milano, Texas. Like several others of my favorite singers (including Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper and Eddie Cochran) he left us too soon. Thanks, Kiddo, for this trip down memory lane!