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Wild Bill

We’ve known our share of oddballs over the years, from the guy who liked to expose himself in bars to the hermit who lived next door, but there’s one who stands out head and shoulders above the rest. 1,279 more words

Comanche: Maximum Overkill, PC

Novalogic released a series of Comanche helicopter combat games in the 1990s. They began with the excellent Comanche: Maximum Overkill in 1992, and continued on with them until… 62 more words

3D Graphics

Protest More!

After a 3 hour protest hearing Comanche won their protest and Wild Oats was docked an hour to their finish time for the Sydney to Hobart Race.  679 more words


25 Facts: The Comanche

The Comanche

  1. The Comanche were traditionally Plains Indians, associated with Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma.
  2. Their language is from the Uto-Aztecan family and is called the Shoshoni dialect.
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Today in Texas History - November 16

From the Annals of the Treaties –  In 1845, the Republic of Texas signed its final Indian treaty. The agreement came at the end of the Tehuacana Creek Councils, which had commenced in the spring of 1843.  143 more words

The Battle of Greasy Grass was Custer's Last Stand.

The Lakota and the Plains tribes refer to the Battle of Little Big Horn as the Battle of Greasy Grass and it was the scene of an ignominious defeat for the 7th Cavalry and the Custer Battalion.  480 more words

History Of Horses