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Could a Jeep Pickup Truck be in the Works?

Flying cars, self-driving cars, there are dozens of futuristic models that have the potential to be here much sooner than most of us expect. However, there’s another model that could be coming in the near future to be excited about as well. 136 more words


Thoughts on the City Council Election

Well after much consideration and thought I feel that our city council needs a breath of fresh air. I love and consider the current members my friends , but like most offices there should be term limits and one person has been on there long enough. 194 more words

Spring Specials! Jump into Spring at Riley Studio of Comanche, Texas!

Wanting some new family photos taken? Looking to have individual photos taken of just yourself? Well to celebrate the first day of Spring we are offering Spring Savings! 67 more words

Why Won't Jeep Make A Truck??

Show any any of us Jeep fans a picture of a Comanche or Gladiator and we’ll be salivating for a new Jeep truck.

In fact, Jeep fans want a truck so bad that MOPAR’s JK8 pickup conversion kit has sold out. 45 more words

Trucks & SUVs

Comanche County Resident Arrested for Sexual Assault of Snowman

A Comanche County man froze in the middle of a lewd act with a snowman when De Leon resident Harris Whittaker shined his truck’s spotlight on the side of highway 16 early Thursday morning. 308 more words


Comanche's Local Elections and Other Political Views......

So, usually I blog my endorsements for the local elections. This election I am refraining from making any endorsements except for the Mayor. I fully support Ronnie Clifton and know that he is the only man for the job. 590 more words

The Family of Floyd Key Photo By: Kyle Riley

This was a special family photo as Kyle Riley again captured us looking positioned just right. You will notice an addition to the family. Jade was in the photo because she is like family. We all love her so!