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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - a letter to Keranique

Dear Mr & Ms Keranique,

You have requested an explanation for my decision to return your hair care products. It is an explanation that I am happy to provide, but in order to do so, I must take you back in time several weeks to an early morning in late April. 1,252 more words



Talk about backasswards, how revolutionary that Donald Trump became a serious candidate before becoming a serious person. Or trying to become one, like a 69-year-old on a bicycle for the first time. 765 more words



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman I have spent four WONDERFUL days in OXFORDSHIRE with my son, daughter in law and GORGEOUS, FUNNY, CLEVER little GRANDDAUGHTER. 95 more words

Don't Buy things at 3am...

So – over the holidays I succumbed to a 3am infomercial… after 16 AAA batteries completely drained, I can say, without a doubt – Bitsy and I are completely disappointed in the KnotOut brush… 56 more words

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Existential Questions from Chuck

Who has a worse comb-over than Senator Carl Levin?  No one

Who wears their glasses more absurdly than Senator Carl Levin?  No one


Senator Carl Levin a man who never looks in the mirror


"It's the bacon, stupid!"

In a bold move to associate herself with her husband’s 1992 Presidential Campaign, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager has recently created a new campaign slogan: 286 more words