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Have a very bad case of procrastination now! And it’s partly because I just want to write about what’s happening in life now and partly because in order to have any of it make sense you need to know about what happened in the past. 814 more words

Hell On Wheels

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - a letter to Keranique

Dear Mr & Ms Keranique,

You have requested an explanation for my decision to return your hair care products. It is an explanation that I am happy to provide, but in order to do so, I must take you back in time several weeks to an early morning in late April. 1,252 more words



Talk about backasswards, how revolutionary that Donald Trump became a serious candidate before becoming a serious person. Or trying to become one, like a 69-year-old on a bicycle for the first time. 765 more words



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman I have spent four WONDERFUL days in OXFORDSHIRE with my son, daughter in law and GORGEOUS, FUNNY, CLEVER little GRANDDAUGHTER. 95 more words

Don't Buy things at 3am...

So – over the holidays I succumbed to a 3am infomercial… after 16 AAA batteries completely drained, I can say, without a doubt – Bitsy and I are completely disappointed in the KnotOut brush… 56 more words

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Existential Questions from Chuck

Who has a worse comb-over than Senator Carl Levin?  No one

Who wears their glasses more absurdly than Senator Carl Levin?  No one


Senator Carl Levin a man who never looks in the mirror