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I Officially Love Rosie O'Donnell Check Out Her Trump Impersonation!!!

I’ve watched this more than 20 times. Maybe it’s just me but I think this is HILARIOUS!!

I’ve even started following her on Twitter and I don’t even use Twitter these days!!


Am I The Only One Who Sees Through Trump????

Has anyone else paid attention to what’s going on with the presidential candidates?

Trump goes throws a lot of insults around and to me that shows insecurity. 446 more words


The Man Bun Trend Has Gone Too Far!

Alright we get it. If you’re a hipster you are in the process of growing your hair out or already have and tie it up in a bun because it’s the most popular men’s hairstyle along with the comb over. 109 more words


Top Google Searches: Man Bun vs. Comb Over

By: Linda Lee

Surprising news! Men seem to care more than women do about trending hairstyles…

Can you believe that ‘man bun’ and ‘comb over… 136 more words



Hi guys!
I woke up for work this morning and I thought to myself that there really should be a day between Saturday and Sunday!! I’m sure the feeling is mutual? 380 more words

Hairstyle Of The Week #1

Whatsup Guys?
I hope you guys are well and had a great weekend!! I’ve decided to try something different, every Monday I will be posting a pic of my favorite hairstyle. 488 more words

I'm losing my hair! Don't panic! Here's a little sage advice on dealing with hair loss...

So, you’re losing your hair (or have lost it). Let’s talk about that.

Before I really delve into the matter, let me take a sec here to get one thing off my chest, first, ‘cuz it’s something that needs to be addressed, and second, I just don’t like things on my chest. 538 more words