Onward in a Flash!

Well, well, well. Fancy seeing you here. Where the heck have you been? What am I? Chopped liver?

This is my blog talking to me, and I can’t say I blame it. 412 more words

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This Is Not a Comeback...

… because I’ve never left. I never go anywhere, I barely leave my room. Well, it’s been a while, fucktards, hasn’t it? Today I’m breaking the silence because WordPress.com reminded me that I have to write an annual post where I look back on what I have achieved and thank all 5 of you for being supportive (yes, my audience is growing). 873 more words

Missy Franklin

“The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.” ~Missy Franklin

Now, we all know the legendary Missy Franklin. She made her stunning debut at the London 2012 and went home with 5 gold and 1 bronze medal representing the USA. 321 more words

Henry Serenades Fans In English With New Single 'The One'

Super Junior’s Henry Lau is back and sexier than before! In his new single ‘The One’, Henry is looking for that one lucky lady to make all his dreams come true. 104 more words


A Bit of Pop Music's Fan Panel discusses: Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do

It has been a while since I let A Bit of Pop Music’s awesome panel discuss new releases, but what better way to reintroduce them than to let them chat away about the brand new Taylor Swift!? 1,226 more words


Single Review: Fergie - Hungry / You Already Know


Fergie announces second album and drops two new tracks
Whatever happens next month, Fergie will go down in history as one of the artists with the biggest gaps between dropping the first single of an album and actually releasing the album itself. 400 more words


Slowdive-Slowdive: Album Review

The story behind Slowdive’s comeback album is a bit too perfect.  All too often, comeback albums are a product of some combination of a popular middle-aged band needing retirement funds, labels at a loss for sales with young folks, and the human condition’s constant desperation for the past.  726 more words

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