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Best Seller Rank #1 in Boots Category: Women’s Military Combat Lace up Mid Calf High Credit Card Knife Money Wallet Pocket Boots

Tired of having to carry a bag just to keep a few small items with you when you’re shopping or exploring the great outdoors? 125 more words


A love letter to my combat boots

Black, shiny, and brand new.
The weather outside is turning frosty as we come to the corner of November and December.
You felt strong in my hands. 165 more words

Combat Boots

OOTD: Tie-Dye For

Ah. Finals week is finally upon me, and how fitting is it that the forecast for this entire week is a bunch of clouds and rain? 299 more words



Despite the recent cold rainy weather , I was lucky enough to find a bright sunny day to shoot. So let’s hold on to this bright sunny day and remember the warmth that was . 112 more words


Something to help me...that might help you.

As a teacher the last thing on my mind is fashion.

In an effort to improve my wardrobe, I am going to try and blog it too along side of my fitness posts! 403 more words

One heck of a boot! Delta 8

Have you ever had a pair of Military boots that just felt like a pair of tennis shoes?  Well, if not then this REVIEW is for you!   594 more words

Military Gear

Homecoming Woes...and the Guilt

Homecoming is coming up so close, and I wish that I could say that it was coming up quickly.  But, I saw a meme on Facebook that described it perfectly.   980 more words

Army Wife