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The Blueprint for PTSD

The one thing that most mental health professionals say about anyone suffering from mental health problems is that they will benefit from structure and exercise… 37 more words

Combat Stress

Special Forces Horses ethos

This is the holding page for Special Forces Horses while we complete our Charity registration.

Special Forces Horses has been set up in conjunction with PoloSingles.com to enable us to treat veterans and ex-forces with PTSD by using horsemanship. 225 more words

Combat Stress

When Life Hands You Too Much At One Time

Written on Sun 05/31/15

Every so often, life tries to steal time from me, by making sure I’m too busy putting out fires that I fail to pay attention to where and when it disappeared. 516 more words


Project 1: Keep the Living Room Clean for A Week

Written on Sat 07/20/13

This is a series that shares, project by project, the ways our household is changing. You will notice the focus is project by project because we are attempting to build habits for our family. 1,450 more words


Making the decision to get less stressed

My First Post:

Written on Thu 07/18/13

The demands from kids, the pressures from work, and the endless requests and obligations that we take on –  405 more words


"Not all who have served are “veterans” in the eyes of the Department of Veterans Affairs" says report.

Another example of the failure of the VA’s regulations is the absence of any generally applicable provision for considering whether the veteran served in hardship conditions, including whether the veteran served in combat.

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