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Paralogue 25 - 4/21/16

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CupOfStarshine- 04/21/2016

Swing, swing, swing. Monotonus as always. Practice is usually like this. If only Theodore wasn’t so hesitant on fighting, things would be much easier for him to act. 9,173 more words

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selfie by Meredith

In my phone
lives Joan
spell-checker clone.

on loan
from Apple’s throne.

flown in
on punctuation

condones no errors
intones unknown
funny-bone texts… 9 more words


Paralogue 19 - 4/15/16

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jddaepicboss- 04/15/2016

Bedivere wakes up, and notices beaming sunlight outside his tent. Still elated after beating Tarquin, he starts getting changed.

ColdToiletSeat- 04/15/2016… 17,240 more words

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Paralogue 18 - 4/14/16

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CupOfStarshine- 04/14/2016

((nothings happening here so let me just swooce right in and have theo doing a thing bc he hasnt interacted w/anyone honestly)) 6,336 more words

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Paralogue 17 - 4/13/16

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jddaepicboss- 04/13/2016

Bedivere wakes up, feeling icky. His stomach is in some pain, so he decides to stay in bed for now.

ColdToiletSeat- 04/13/2016… 11,476 more words

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Paralogue 14 - 4/10/16

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bemoney- 04/10/2016

DuffleBag- 04/10/2016

((I’ll rp))

Tarquin started walking toward the forest. After everything that happened with him, Mev, B, and Nora, he needed to think about what to do. 4,293 more words

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Paralogue 11 - 4/7/16

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jddaepicboss- 04/07/2016

Bedivere wakes up again. Been a while since they escaped that fortress, and they haven’t done anything since. Bedivere is still thinking about Mev. 11,421 more words

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