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Combat zone Hardline-- Dishonesty DLC enhancements described

EA outlines some of the features coming to Field of battle Hardline with the Dishonesty DLC, both free and also paid.

Battlefield Hardline has even more material en route for all players. 26 more words


"Goodbye, My Friend" and "In Memoriam: Porthos, 1985-2013" (Encore)

On the evening of Monday, March 25, 2013, I was leaving a dinner meeting w aith colleagues, a group with whom I had been meeting for just under twenty years, once a month during the school year, to eat together and to support each other in our work. 1,187 more words




Gleam of the instruments
On the silver platter
Reflect fluorescent photons
And x-ray waves

While the blood on the table
Acts as ink blotters… 207 more words


………..Setting: Baledogle to Mogadishu, Somalia by Humvee, December 1992, shortly before Christmas………………….

After a few days of patrols around Wanlaweyn (Wally-world) and Baledogle, it was time to go into Mogadishu, something we would do quite regularly as convoy escorts for VIP’s like…

547 more words
Military Memoir

Why Are We Even Arguing About The Holy Trinity?

I really didn’t want to jump on this bandwagon again, but I mostly felt the need to defend the often maligned GW2 combat system, often perceived as “zerg all the things, press 1” or “everyone is dps, stack and cleave.” This argument is often used by holy trinity proponents as an example of non-holy trinity failure and mostly demonstrates their lack of understanding of said system. 3,152 more words


Women Military Draft

Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced he would “lift” the military’s ban on women “serving in combat,” a move that allows hundreds of thousands of women to serve in front-line positions during wartime. 1,435 more words


Disturbia 'Rage of mystery'

Just in case you aren’t into all the romantic Valentine locations – it happens! – or just looking for something different…I would recommend a visit to… 130 more words