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Student Veterans: Classroom Role Models

Dr. Patti and I talk about adult learners returning to school. One group is the student veteran. According to one source, 74% of all undergraduate students are veterans, work full time, attend school part time, have dependents, and are a single caregivers. 561 more words


I love my city. We’ll tackle what D.C. won’t. #ClimateChangeIsReal #ClimateMarch #DefendScience #SmartTrumpsTrump https://twitter.com/nygovcuomo/status/858320881940127744
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With or without Ottawa,Canada were working aggressively to combat Climate Swings and protect our planets future.


Preservation Of Wildlife

Whatever you do, don't freeze!

Paraphrased from Jonathon Chambers, Patriot Vigilante

Mentally training yourself how to react in a survival situation takes practice, and that takes a commitment and some time. 637 more words

SHTF Survival And Prepping

Reaching a Goal! Being Annoyed By It.

Some spoilers for locations in Horizon Zero Dawn


Got to Meridian! Whoo hoo!

But not before I magpied when I really, really shouldn’t have magpied. 2,726 more words

Top 10 Current SWW Boxers

Written by: Reseviordogs

Continuation from Top 10 Current MW Boxers: https://fteswl.com/2017/04/21/top-10-current-mw-boxers/

Saul Alvarez

Erislandy Lara

Demetrius Andrade

Jermell Charlo

Vanes Martirosyan

Jarret Hurd

Michel Solo… 314 more words

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Easily one of the most suspenseful moments a person can possibly face is fighting to the death for the entertainment of others. Because I will be drawing inspiration from certain elements of the Roman Empire, I am thinking of including gladiatorial fights in the near future. 34 more words


Another weapon I intend to include in my fantasy book is a type of sword I discovered recently called the Katzbalger. The Katzbalger was introduced during the Renaissance and used by German mercenaries to keep the peace of the Holy Roman Empire. 31 more words