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I'd Forgotten About That

Some spoilers for quest set-up early in Horizon Zero Dawn, Frozen Wilds DLC


Another thing about comparing this to MEA: It reinforces how easy MEA was. 1,989 more words

Qatar goes ahead with $6.7 billion Typhoon combat jets deal with UK's BAE Systems

LONDON (Reuters) – BAE Systems and Qatar have entered into a contract valued at around 5 billion pounds ($6.7 billion) for the country to buy 24 Typhoon combat aircraft, the British defense group said on Sunday.

December 10th 1899 - "Black Week" in South Africa

The Second Anglo-Boer War (sometimes referenced simply as the Boer War in the UK although there was an earlier conflict fought between 1880 and 1881) was fought between the British Empire in Africa and the Boers, a combined force from the South African Republic and the Republic of the Orange Free State. 403 more words

The Magnificent Seven

The last seven remaining members of the elite Spetsnaz team SSD-1109 took positions around the perimeter of the village of Niepolomice overnight.

At dawn the village came alive as residents began milking cows, checking chicken coops, and putting up laundry. 792 more words


The Comical Revenge (Etherege, 1664)

Setting: London.

Act One
Scene 1: Ante-chamber to Sir Frederick Frolick’s bedchamber. Frolick’s French manservant Dufoy enters with a plaster on his head, followed by Beaufort’s Clerk. 758 more words


How I've Missed This

Many spoilers for the beginning of Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds


All is, once again, right with the world. Or, at least, when it comes to me playing games. 2,311 more words

2017 - Remember, Relive... Read about it

2017 has been a busy year, busy enough that I’ve let slip work on this blog so i’m sorry its been silent for a while. So where to begin? 925 more words