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Ruby Temple [Revisited]

SinceĀ the later half of 2016, a good number of my posts have been registered as defunct and outdated due to the massive changes in gameplay mechanics and strategies. 1,964 more words


Short Story: Aaron

The advert for Zeiss optics was looping – or at least the uncorrupted part of the media file was anyway. A thirty second hymn of luxury visuals reduced to three or four seconds of a focusing and refocusing artificial eye in a flawless model’s airbrushed face. 362 more words


CP Adds Airfield to Target List

The Coastal Patrol has added an airfield in in Xilted (Tulagi Region) – link – to their target list, encouraging all of their pilots to drop bombs on the targets there (VICE). 10 more words

Aerospace News

'Mass Effect Andromeda' Gameplay Trailer Showcasing New Combat System

A staple of any greatĀ Mass Effect game is the combat. This is just a fact of life, like that unicorns are pretty and Johnny Depp is awesome. 843 more words

Nioh Ultimate Combat Guide (Beginners and Advanced Tips) | Game Exploits

If you’re new to Nioh then you may find the game to be incredibly challenging and frustrating. Even though game contains a training level, the enemies scattered throughout the world can be overwhelming. 76 more words

En Garde!!

As with most all RPGs, there is more to the game than simply lock picking, and speaking to people…there is a fight to be had somewhere. 381 more words