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The Feel of the Game: Armoured AC

Have you ever played D&D and found that combat feels a little bland? If you have, either your group needs to stop having huge tight-quarters melees, or you want a little more flavour in your fights. 570 more words

Dungeon Master

Spitfire Man

That summers day, the old man looked over the sea but did not see. He noticed, of course, the contrails in the sky of airliners winging their way to Paris or Spain. 183 more words


Time and Combat

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the way combat is depicted in some books. It’s a common thing to see in most of the books I read. 674 more words


Chapters 23 & 24 of the novel Shipp!

Chapter 24

Visitors Arrive!

We had just sat down for the evening meal. Daniel had worked us hard but let us go mid afternoon, based on my request. 4,410 more words


Jan Blachowicz vs Anthony Rumble Johnson

KO at any moment

Jan Blachowicz vs Rumble Johnson we have Jan a high level fighter with great fundamentals are grappling ability. Rumble as many know I’m a huge fan of his striking tactics, he has brilliant trapping ability and ridiculous speed and subsequent power. 175 more words


Organs - Room One - The Heart

Introduction: Over the next four weeks, I will present a set of rooms that are modelled (loosely) on the workings of internal organs. They could literally be the organs of a gigantic creature or they could simply be intended to represent them in some unusual fantasy temple. 261 more words


Charmed (aka. No Bad-JuJu)

Pretty much everyone had one, a charm. A charm of some type. For those unawares, a charm is something that has an aura about it that prevents you or your Stryker (truck) from getting hit. 469 more words