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Week three, Big Game Project

Animations in Unreal Engine (3D)

Note: This article assumes basic knowledge about the unreal engine 4 framework, including Blueprints.

Unreal uses state machines to power their animation system in their latest engine, as of 2015. 409 more words

Thought Wars

Written June 3rd, 2014

We shook hands, and that was it,
Like a good song you wish didn’t end
But you were like a bad massage… 186 more words


Fight of the Day - Medieval Version

Because of course Russia has a Knight Fight League.

Watch two Russian Medieval Recreationists fight under the M-1 banner and go “Sure, why the hell not?”

Ground Soldier Survivability Enhancement


The discipline of combat survivability is well defined for aircraft. Other physical combat systems like ships and ground vehicles have been explored, but not to the breadth and depth of aircraft. 15,012 more words


The Army's Female Ranger Experiment Commences

The Army’s most high-profile step towards integrating women into combat roles commences in April with the introduction of 12 women into Ranger School. All are of course justifiably excited that women will be able to add the coveted Black and Gold to their DD214s in pursuit of promotions. 643 more words


Journalism Student - Writing About Combat Ptsd

Hi everyone, this may be a long-shot but I am a journalism student at Cal State University Los Angeles and we are writing stories for our school newspaper. 73 more words

Flexibility Exercises for MMA and BJJ

MMA and other combat athletes should improve their flexibility so they can move freeely in and out of a variety of situations in the cage and on the mat.