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Combat Ptsd Epidode And Relationship Question.

So my USAF PTSD sufferer went into his shut down mode, not so much isolation mode, because we haven t gone a day without texting or talking or both, since March. 82 more words


A new wallpaper, a new article and an update to Soke Cook’s Martial Wisdom have all been added to the media section here. A lot more is planned and in the works for this website and for our system in the coming days, weeks and months ahead…

[GRAPHIC CONTENT] If You Thought Hannibal Lecter Was A Chump...

When I was 16, I remember being shown the movie Hannibal in my psychology class. I couldn’t tell you what we were reviewing but I was always entranced by Lecter’s moves. 119 more words

The Art of War

The Art of War
by Sun Tzu

(Chinese: 孫子兵法; pinyin: Sūnzĭ bīngfǎ) is an ancient Chinese military treatise attributed to Sun Tzu, a high-ranking military general, strategist and tactician. 169 more words


Road Rage Combat Racing Apk v1.0.1

Road Rage Combat Racing Apk v1.0.1 Is Racing Game . Download Road Rage Combat Racing Apk From APKLeveL With Direct Link .
Road Rage Combat Racing is a Free-to-play action packed shooter game where you get behind the wheel of a car being chased by an entire city police force. 10 more words


// photography under fire

Hey, you should read this article:

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This baffles me in the best way possible.

I would consider myself to be an aspiring photographer. 411 more words