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Tactics Game Lets You Possess Hapless Villagers

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Ambition of the Slimes is a tactical roleplaying game where the player wrangles an army of vulnerable slimes. By themselves, these cute critters are squishy and easily defeated but they have a trick up their sleeve: they can possess enemy units. 248 more words


Recon Paddle Woodcarving

This jack is hand carved on a walnut paddle.

For an explanation of the traditional significance of Recon paddles, click here.

For an explanation of the traditional significance of the Recon jack, click here.


Drama! To Be Continued.

Minor spoilers for the Cyseal murder plot in Divinity: Original Sin


Well. That was a tad anticlimactic.

Went to CONFRONT THE MURDERER! And….wound up searching an empty house and finding a diary and stuff as one does. 1,433 more words

A Gorgeous Game About A Monster-Slaying Family

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In Children of Morta, I did not save a puppy. My family will never live it down.

Children of Morta is a hack-and-slash game for PCs and consoles currently in development by indie studio Dead Mage and published by 11-bit, the folks behind This War of Mine. 785 more words


Why Tyron Woodley is NOT the most respected champion in the UFC

There are 9 weight classes in UFC. Every weight class has a champion and the top ten contenders. However, the champion is also usually the most popular fighter of that division because every champion goes through practically every top fighter in the division before getting a shot at the title. 759 more words


Raspberry Pi Media Streamer Is Combat Ready

to his latest project, and it makes perfect sense to us.

It should come as no surprise that a military ammo can has quite a bit more space inside than is strictly required for the Raspberry Pi 3

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Diary Entry: February 18, 2148

Munro and I don’t usually get a lot of time together. Collin and I are usually handling combat training and problems. Munro and Samuel are more technical. 437 more words