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Wasteland 3 Announced, Will Have Co-Op

(Source: kotaku.com)

Fresh off the success of Wasteland 2, developer inXile is making a direct sequel, announcing today plans to release Wasteland 3 for PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Engaging The Enemy, A Roll of the Die

In most games, combat is rather straightforward, the player launches an attack from the character and the game checks if the attack has landed, if so, the enemy takes damage and vice versa. 1,089 more words

Game Design

Damage Control

After the Galactica takes a nuclear missile hit to its port launch bay, part of the CIC goes into Damage Control mode.  Chief Tyrol and another officer take up a position next to a large board with a top-down schematic of the Galactica.   708 more words


Concerning Justified Violence

“On one level, Curran is, of course, on the right track. War is not to be entered into lightly—especially modern war with its propensity for disproportionate measures in combat.

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[Circûmflex] Slaughtering Holy Cows

A person with no fighting skill has a 50/50 chance of hurting someone with no armor at all.

A person with one level of fighting skill has a 50/50 chance of hitting someone with minimal armor. 467 more words