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Sheaf Arrow Adj

The following are the base AC adj for Sheaf Arrow:

Base AC 10: +3
Base AC 9: +3
Base AC 8: +3
Base AC 7: +3… 25 more words


Lufbery Circle Politics

A “Lufbery circle” was originally a defensive tactic, but today is a term in air combat for a phenomenon where the combatants are stuck in the fight across from each other. 349 more words


Musketry & Combat Practice Firing

Note how often that competition was suggested as a good approach to training.

US Army Training Film TF-24
Musketry & Combat Practice Firing

1935 US Army Training Film… 95 more words


Two Steps Forward... Fallout Chapter 3

So last time, as Red Metal so correctly put it, we fell victim to what’s sure to be our nemesis this run, poor stability. And I found that I had completely forgotten to save since the start of that run. 2,384 more words

Video Games

PTSD Symptoms: Know Them, Save Lives

The main reason I wrote Combat Medic was because God told me it would help save lives. It wasn’t easy sitting down every day for four months to write down the most dreadful memories that I remember. 461 more words


Force-on-Force Training

High-tech simulators like this one from MILO Range are excellent alternatives to force-on-force training. They present scenarios that challenge your judgment as well as your shooting skills. 942 more words


Sometimes You're Too Tired to Play WELL

Minor spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn


Sometimes you think you’re too tired to play. Sometimes, you think you’re too tired to play, but your wife isn’t home and you’ve made dinner already so you say, “What the fuck, I’ll try to play. 825 more words