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Moving From Breastfeeding To Combination Feeding

I have been exclusively breastfeeding Honey Nut since the start, but always intended to move to formula eventually, especially if I felt I wasn’t coping. The good news is that it was alright in the end, and I exclusively breastfed for 3 months. 812 more words


How I Get Around-Combi Ridin’

In Peru, whenever I leave my community, I catch a combi. Catching a combi, or ride share, is pretty much hitchhiking. You just walk out to the main street, extend your arm and with a flick your wrist, a car stops to pick you up. 846 more words



“Hey babe, there’s like a billion people in the world, and you’re like my soulmate forever. What do you recon the chances of that are? 8 more words


Nutcracker Sweet!

Monster mash-up

Back to the estate lake for a short afternoon / early evening session with Jim and Mel plus a new bait – Dynamite Monster Tiger nut Red Amo boilies, plus matching glug and harden hook baits.  443 more words

Fishing Trips

DAY 308 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Family Time

Monday, September 12, 2016 – Stayed at Stefi’s house Saturday night; she has the cutest dog named Django. This dog is definitely of the basically-human-fur-baby type haha Django sleeps in bed with Stefi every night… not like a normal pup at the foot of the bed though, oh no, Django likes to spoon and cuddle all night long and will even put his puppy leg over your body for some serious snuggles. 461 more words


Le départ

Nous devions partir il y a une semaine déjà, mais le moteur du combi n’était pas totalement d’accord. Alors après de nombreuses réparations (entendez : démontage et remontage TOTAL de l’engin) c’est enfin l’heure.  21 more words

Voyage Voyage

Chilete Adventure

It was around 8 pm and I was chilling in the living room in my pajamas talking to my family on the phone when all the sudden my host mom bursts in the door and yells “Sarita, let’s go to Chilete!” (A town about 30 minutes away). 840 more words