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Asynchronous Monday

Activities today:

  1. Met the professor and had a debate about clock and clockless, synchronous and asynchronous, combinational and sequential circuits
  2. Been asked to read and refer to “Engineering Digital Design” – Richard F.
  3. 51 more words
Meeting With Advisors

Progress from yesterday

  1. Have counted the complexity to the lower level, and suddenly thinking of
  2. The architecture time complexity cannot only be measured by transistor’s time propagation, but in how many clock cycles because the architecture contains sequential and recursive process. aarrgggh.
Phd Work

Creative Problem Solving Technique Library 'Successive Element Integration'

Helmut Schlicksupp (1975)

Develop a list of solutions.

Take two of the solutions.

Merge the two solutions into a third.


VanGundy, A.B. (1988) Techniques of Structured Problem Solving, 2nd ed., Van Norstrand Reinhold. Technique 4.52, pp. 168-9