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Combo Apps/Helium Core on Kickstarter

Today kicks off the crowd fund for Helium Core on Kickstarter. The cage/rig for you iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus. This one well piece of gear for people who are into mobile movie making. 289 more words


Combo Apps/Sorry I've Been Away

First I wanted to say is sorry for not being around very much. I’ve been sick with¬†bronchitis and glad it wasn’t pneumonia. It’s hard to function when you’re constantly coughing and always out of breathe just from walking down the street a short distance. 124 more words

Tina Rice

Combo Apps/This by Tinrocket

Hey everyone I wanted to write about the latest app that has come out in the App Store, called This by Tinrocket. But I got sick and couldn’t think properly or write. 389 more words


Combo Apps/FrameLapse - Instant Moving Pictures

FrameLapse is designed to help you express those key moments in your life, FrameLapse lets you choose existing material or capture something new, use a wide selection of editing tools to make it stand out and incorporate music from your iTunes library to really personalise those unforgettable events. 661 more words


Combo Apps/SLR-Grade 14x Telephoto

I got the SLR-Grade 14x Telephoto lens kit from DCkina. This was everything that was included in the kit. Out of everything I’ve tried from DCkina, I was kind of disappointed with this lens kit. 261 more words


Combo Apps/Pastello and Impresso Pro

I was contacted by JixiPix to try out their new PRO version of their apps. I was really impressed with what you can do with their new PRO edition apps compared to the iPhone/iPad version. 356 more words


Combo Apps/HYPOCAM

“HYPOCAM, what does it bring to the table ?” Well if you want the slideshow all the photos were edited with HYPOCAM. I wrote a short review of what I really thought about the app. 953 more words