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Fuelsim is a useful mass, volume and energy balance Excel tool, by Dr. Øyvind Skreiberg, for computations related to biomass combustion processes. It might be useful for preliminary simulations to compute heat output, adiabatic combustion temperature and system efficiencies. Report here, tool download here.

2nd spontaneous combustion leads to demolition at Flamborough veal plant

There were 2 spontaneous combustions in 5 days at Delft Blue Veal Inc.

CBC News Posted: Dec 21, 2016 10:11 AM ET 257 more words

Combustion Reactions

Last post’s break up had some arguing, but for the most part it was just sad. This time around, get ready for an explosive argument that ends in a catastrophic split. 963 more words


And if I burn out

I hope it’s brightly

I hope it’s from the fire I fed my soul



From the elements inside me

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Here in India we have the festival of lights, Diwali. These days it wouldn’t be wrong to call it the festival of sound as well. 345 more words