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1775 Oxygen Theory of Combustion

  • Lavoisier proposed the oxygen theory of combustion, an opposing theory to the phlogiston theory
  • Lavoisier noticed that calx gained weigh after burning and hypothesized that dephlogisticated air–oxygen– is combined with calx during calcination

1774 Experiments and Observations on Different Kinds of Air

  • A book written by Priestley on the different kinds of air and their properties
  • Discovered “dephlogisticated air,” which readily absorbs phlogiston and supports combustion
  • “Dephlogisticated air” is essentially oxygen…
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1715 Phlogiston Theory

  • Becher believed in Paracelsus’s three principles, which categorized earth under Sulfur, Mercury, and Salt. He believed that the fatty earth present in sulfur is the element that makes is flammable…
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Statistics about fire are frightening. In America, about 30,000 people are injured and nearly 4,800 die from fire each year. This rate is lower than in most other countries. 621 more words


1672 Boyle's Experiments

  • A set of experiments exploring the relationship between fire and air
  • Boyle uses an air pump to remove air in a cylinder and puts sulfur on hot iron and coal in it.
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Building an engine

This weekend was mostly spent getting rid of dead or broken things in the garden and building an engine!

I was allowed to do most of the ‘fixing it together’ bits for the engine, whilst Dylan watched SpongeBob SquarePants (thank you, Dylan)! 15 more words


Instigator, prototypical catalyst.
Arsonist, cremation of illusions and false idols.
All the while, you’re drowning in Samsara.
Promised ye not, tomorrow.
Wake up! Live for today! 87 more words