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Myth busting - Efficiency

I have been trying to figure out a good way to illustrate the complexity of living, of organizing or self-organizing life including, productive days, social groups, political groups and institutions, as well as generating some modicum of harmony into the chaos. 1,253 more words


Top Reasons for Non-Functioning Of Car Engine.

There Could Be Many Technical Reasons For Non-Functioning Of Engine But The Most Common Reasons Are The Following:

Have you ever stuck in a situation when… 652 more words

Car Engines

Silanes as solar fuels?

This is an interesting article exploring the use of longer chain silanes (Si_n*H_2n+2) as a combustible fuel that could potentially be produced from sand (SiO2) and H2, where the H2 could be produced from solar-water splitting: 68 more words

Energy Storage

Combustion control systems go modular with Honeywell Slate

A typical combustion system is complex to say the least.  It is usually made up of various devices from multiple vendors that have to be combined and connected in order for the system to work.  261 more words


La Combustión espontanea

la combustión espontanea, es un fenómeno de lo mas extraño, aun a día de hoy no se ha encontrado la causa que lo provoca. No es algo que ocurre todos los días, pero si que inquieta por la forma en la que ocurre. 540 more words


Hang in there baby

She held on tight while everything combusted. She knew all endings become beginnings. She decided to enjoy the ride with the knowing that presence is happiness.

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