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Will I Have Children?

I am disturbed. Ms Spiller asked whether she will have children. I looked at her natal 5th house. The cusp is Aquarius. Saturn is the traditional ruler and it is in Scorpio, a fertile sign.  253 more words



A welcome surprise
to end my day
my candle burning bright
on the mantle
as never before
when the flickering frail flame
smothered under melted wax… 36 more words


Will I Make Money Today?

The Question

Suzie runs a retail shop. She’s debating whether to go in to work today, Sunday. She will need to spend 3.5 hours in total on commuting to the shop and there’s the cost of transport to consider too. 355 more words


Internal combustion magnetic super charger algorithm ( reduce fuel consumption and increase output )

Internal combustion magnetic super charger algorithm.

You would have to have the pistons be electro magnetic. As the pistons come down the algorithm calculates pressure and timing to increase combustion pressure and or also reducing fuel needed. 31 more words


When Will the Bank Account be Opened?

Opening a bank account in Ireland is ridiculous. I could go on and on about what I had been through. Anyhow, after waiting for four months with complaint letters, door slamming, phone calls, waiting and more waiting, I decided to ask the universe when the account will finally be opened. 225 more words


Methane Bubbles


Q: Why are these bubbles flammable?

Why study chemistry: you can light your hand on fire.

Well, sort of.  You can at least light these special bubbles on fire.  279 more words


Engine Combustion Researcher Interview

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Please tell us about your work?

In a world where climate change is a hot topic of discussion, Dr. Abhishek Saha is laying the groundwork for real-life solutions to the problem of greenhouse gas emissions. 905 more words