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Cooler than I.C.E.

For millions of people all over the world, a car is just another mode of transportation, an object perhaps.  If you ask an average person how they work, they’ll likely say something to the effect of, “well, you press the gas pedal and it goes, and, press the brake pedal and it stops.”  While this is true, there are a multitude of moving components under the hood, working engineering magic, to ensure the same outcome is consistently produced. 826 more words


Germany moves to ban combustion engine cars by 2030 in favor of zero-emissions vehicles

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

Germany moves to ban combustion engine cars by 2030 in favor of zero-emissions vehicles

Germany’s Bundesrat has passed a resolution that calls for a ban on new internal combustion engine cars by 2030. 251 more words


Deliberate Human Combustion and its Spontaneous Explanations

“Although our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating” – Carl von Clausewitz

It’s important to have hopes and dreams.  2,006 more words


Intro Chem 04 - Combustion

OK, so I have to admit the ACS Middleschool science curriculum is really starting to bore me. The labs we were to do this week basically involved watching wet paper towels dry (evaporation)…. 603 more words



As quickly as you caused my soul to combust 

You laid it to rest

And decided you had enough

My remains turned to dust

Compacted and crushed  16 more words



Overweight teenagers partly explainable by lower combustion

There are more and more teenagers with overweight. Teenagers burn few calories. That can be the reason of the problem. 141 more words


Staged Combustion

Of various combustion cycles used in rocket propulsion, one is staged combustion. Also known as the topping or pre burner cycle, staged combustion is used in bi propellant rockets. 176 more words