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Variety of Satisfaction of Venus in Gemini

Tell me everything.

~My multiple Gemini, including Venus in Gemini, friend.

Venus enters Gemini on May 24 and remains in the sign of the twins, and of contrast and multiplicity, and cerebral deftness, until June 17.  619 more words

Paul Bunyan Special

The Paul Bunyan Special is just like the Regular but with a couple of additions. Along with a flint, striker, Stainless steel hand-pull saw, copper wire, a blade, a whistle and a piece of imitation sinew (waxed poly-cord) I have added some e-tape and 2 zip-ties. 38 more words


Paul Bunyan Limited

I call my piece “The Paul Bunyan”. It is a Cutting component themed bracelet and is much more sturdy than most others. I use stainless steel saws and that is all the difference it needs. 199 more words

Survival Gear

cupid's crayons

i heard you singing in my sleep,
that distant ringing that brings
yellow to the crayon drawing
of the sun. the little red barn
and the river running by, 235 more words


The Not So Spontaneous Combustion of John Hitchell

“Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must first set yourself on fire” – Fred Shero

I’m fairly certain I don’t want to spontaneously combust.  2,074 more words


The Right Way to Put Out a Kitchen Fire

Your kitchen is a dangerous place, just waiting to combust into flames at any moment. That was our Stern Bolding—did it work? Are you reading this while two slices of leftover pizza are starting to singe in the oven?

74 more words

There is a fundamental limitation to our intellectual abilities, things that are beyond the comprehension of the human mind. There are certain phenomena, infused with such energy that our science fails to reason with. 371 more words