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The human relationship to combustion is as mysterious as it is fraught with madness. From the candle flame to the nuclear blast, it has lit up the human imagination with fear and fascination.   53 more words


Combustion Chamber Cleaning

I now know that I need to go deeper into the engine to replace the rear cam guide that is broken, but I wanted to spend some more time investigating the valves that may be causing the low compression in Cylinder No. 286 more words



Spontaneous combustion has always intrigued me. I mean one minute a person is just sitting there, probably in his/her favorite chair, minding his/her own business and then WHOOSH up you. 459 more words

Whims And Wonders

A new (PSX) video game with furries

So my best friend is launching his new video game project, and it certainly is looking very promising, be sure to take a look and await further info:

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Innovations decreasing electricity generation costs: quantitative estimations till 2025 for solid fuel plants

Very recently InnoEnergy commissioned a study to BVG Associates to evaluate how innovation would impact the electricity generating cost, in Europe and till 2025, from new gas CHP (combined heat and power) plants and retrofitted coal plants. 637 more words

Fire safety research, part 1: Pressure rise in compartment fires

What are the things that make fire dangerous? This looks like a simple question, as everyone knows that getting a large burn injury can be deadly, as can the toxic gaseous products of combustion, which act either by simply displacing oxygen from the air or from red blood cells (like carbon dioxide and monoxide), or by causing irritation and damage in the airways (like hydrogen chloride and other nasties that can form when PVC plastics used as electrical insulators decompose at high temperatures). 307 more words