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Say No to Combustion and Why

When an end user chooses to enjoy there herbal remedies by smoking them directly through the use of flame, then that user is choosing to welcome the effects of combustion. 161 more words


Exploding Egg - Cool Science Demo by Steve Spangler

Most people don’t need matches, safety glasses and hydrogen gas to crack open an egg. But then again, Steve always finds the most unusual method to do the simplest things. 176 more words

Gr 9-10 Science

If only they could talk...

From the ongoing series of ‘A Song of Blood and Air’.

Part 1 of the series:  https://schrodingersdaisy.wordpress.com/2016/11/14/the-iron-throne/

Part 2:   https://schrodingersdaisy.wordpress.com/2017/01/26/estimating-2000000000-bo/

Title borrowed from a book written by Herriot. 568 more words



The human relationship to combustion is as mysterious as it is fraught with madness. From the candle flame to the nuclear blast, it has lit up the human imagination with fear and fascination.   53 more words


Combustion Chamber Cleaning

I now know that I need to go deeper into the engine to replace the rear cam guide that is broken, but I wanted to spend some more time investigating the valves that may be causing the low compression in Cylinder No. 286 more words



Spontaneous combustion has always intrigued me. I mean one minute a person is just sitting there, probably in his/her favorite chair, minding his/her own business and then WHOOSH up you. 459 more words

Whims And Wonders