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When Will the Bank Account be Opened?

Opening a bank account in Ireland is ridiculous. I could go on and on about what I had been through. Anyhow, after waiting for four months with complaint letters, door slamming, phone calls, waiting and more waiting, I decided to ask the universe when the account will finally be opened. 225 more words


Methane Bubbles


Q: Why are these bubbles flammable?

Why study chemistry: you can light your hand on fire.

Well, sort of.  You can at least light these special bubbles on fire.  279 more words


Engine Combustion Researcher Interview

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Please tell us about your work?

In a world where climate change is a hot topic of discussion, Dr. Abhishek Saha is laying the groundwork for real-life solutions to the problem of greenhouse gas emissions. 905 more words


Should I Stay or Leave This Job?

Mr Robin is having an incredibly hard time with his sales job. He asked whether it’s advisable to call it quits and to move over to another? 134 more words


Burned Alive

It is really interesting. I read in an astrological chart that a person is going to be figuratively burned – consequently he can’t see (reason) and cannot be seen. 82 more words


What is combustion?

Ans: a chemical process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give off heat is called combustion. Sometimes the light is also given off during combustion, either as a flame or as a glow.

Class 8

Why different substances catch fire at different temperatures?

Ans: A combustible substance cannot catch fire or burn as long as its temperature is lower than its ignition temperature (The lowest temperature at which a substance catches fire is called its… 18 more words

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