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Constant Science: Aaron Gets Fired

An ode to element number 8. Without it my job would be so much more difficult. Come to think of it, my entire life, and yours as well would be devoid of, well, pretty much everything, including life. 38 more words



This week I started on chapter 4 of Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes. This was a very long chapter with a ton of information! As I did last time, I’ll go through what each section covers. 1,382 more words

Constant Science: Lights! Camera! Fire!

We got a new camera! An honest-to-goodness, shooting stuff, all the bells and whistles, type camera……And I’m completely terrified of it. Like a suspicious peasant who won’t go near the creepy old castle without muttering and making cryptic signs to ward off the evil eye. 67 more words


Energy, Matter, and Organization: Ocean Acidification - Day 1

We kicked off the lesson with an entry task focused on why we use fossil fuel combustion (to produce energy).  Students were then asked to consider one unintended consequence of fossil fuel combustion (releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere).   45 more words


Energy, Matter, and Organization: Combustion - Day 2

We continued our study of combustion with a review of why burning candles lose mass.  We watched a video in which Mr. Anderson describes not only the process of combustion but also the concept of Conservation of Mass.   50 more words


Energy, Matter, and Organization: Combustion - Day 1

The lesson for Monday centered on the concept of combustion.  We dove into vocabulary about chemistry and even balanced an equation!  We then created a table comparing photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and combustion.   26 more words


Can Permaculture and Spirituality Coexist?

One heart fire, what does it mean and why do I use it to represent my journey with permaculture? Well, there are different answers to those questions depending on your opinion of spirituality. 1,228 more words