Tags » Come Out Of Her My People

Dream: Battleships / Obama / Russia

I seen a screen with battleships. Two fleets were going to the left and one fleet was going to the right. These fleets could only stay on the bottom half of the screen. 285 more words

They Come With Unclean Hands

I wrote a message from our Father that seems to speak to those in the large churches who do not understand that they are not worshipping Him.   720 more words

Dream The beginning of birth pains.

Dream: in a dream I had my hand on pregnant woman’s belly. I could feel the baby in her belly bearing down and she was having what I knew as a very strong contraction. 61 more words

Dream: America/Africa


The Lord took me in the spirit to a bridge that split two bodies of water. On the right was a large body of water that look like I was overlooking San Francisco Bay, but on the left was a small body of water with black children swimming in it, and a Elder black man overseeing them. 255 more words

Dream: Electricle Current Funnel Cloud -Approaching Storm

This was a dream I had last night. I was walking along a beach, and a woman was with me and she said what are you looking at? 228 more words