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Our very own power duo DUEL,
has made their comeback with Beautiful Liar!
Don’t miss it.

Track 01. Beautiful Liar


[Naver: My Daily] (Exclusive) 'Promotional halt' B.A.P. confirmed for November comeback...discord with company completely resolved

1. [+772, -26] It’s a relief they’re able to promote again!! Hit daebak~

2. [+722, -22] TS Entertainment, please take care of them well this time. 205 more words


What makes you think you can do that?

Can you tell me that? I handed you my heart, I told my parents about you. I risked so much to give you a chance, to give us a chance. 320 more words

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Making a Comeback!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted here and, quite frankly, I feel terrible about it. So many times I’ve thought about finding this blog again and logging in. 180 more words


[Facebook] 151002 GOT7 Facebook Update (Music Bank Backstage)

오늘도 저녁 건강하게 잘 먹었어요! 고마워요!
We had a healthy dinner today! Thank you!
GOT7 ‪#‎니가하면‬