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The Choice of a Career


My dream is to travel and to go to college and graduate. I want to be an English teacher or photographer. I want to teach high school grade level. 255 more words


My Aspiration in Life

My dream job right now is to be a pediatrician. I would like to become a pediatrician because i enjoy working  with kids. I enjoy helping others and figuring out whats wrong with them. 221 more words



My dream is to go to college to get a career in optometry. I want to become an optometrist. To achieve this dream, I have to work hard, and stay in school. 129 more words


My hopes and dreams

My hopes and dreams are to become an engineer who also becomes a doctor or the other way around in an ideal world. In engineering you can build and deconstruct technology and rebuild it to teach yourself, after you learn more about engineering and gain more experience you can build your own designs and experiment on your own. 279 more words


Dreams & Aspirations .

My dream in life is to become a professional basketball , baseball or football player. I want to be an successful professional or successful in general. 136 more words


After School Life

I know everyone in the world has that one dream. A dream that is achievable but has challenges. I have a dream that I would someday be able to be a professional Baseball, Football or Basketball player. 360 more words


What is your dream?

My dream is to work in graphic design or digital media. I want to work in graphic design or digital media and work for other businesses and also work for businesses in my community. 314 more words