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Whenever someone steals my jokes I become their ghostwriter.


The Importance of Free Speech and the Death of Comedy

With the recent news that a man in the UK has been charged for teaching his dog to do a Roman salute (perhaps more commonly known as a Nazi salute) and reporters such as Lauren Southern being denied entry to the UK for criticizing Islam, I think now more than ever it is important to discuss why being able to say whatever the fuck you want is essential. 2,233 more words


Kevin Hart

Actor and comedian who has voiced Snowball in the 2016 film the secret life of pets. He worked in Brockton, Massachusetts as a shoe salesman after graduating. 67 more words

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

Slowly Becoming Canadian – Episode 16 – Canadian Comedians Derek Seguin & Abdul Butt

Comedians Derek Seguin and Abdul Butt add a stop to their Nova Scotian tour and come talk about telling jokes for a living. We discuss differences betweeen Francophone and Anglophone audiences, touring accross Canada, playing in small towns, being on CBC and many other things. 14 more words


Celebrity Relief

Earlier this week I was in the audience at the iconic Citizens Theatre to see an excellent stand up routine from Alexei Sayle as part of the… 390 more words

Funny Kid: Stand Up by Matt Stanton.

Funny Kid: Stand Up by Matt Stanton. Pub. HarperCollins, 2018.

Another gem for reluctant readers in Middle School and up to junior secondary school. The sort of book that has a lot of craziness going on, a load of laughs and characters that we all want to be but are too scared. 134 more words

Intermediate Fiction