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Key, Peele, & the Divergence of Blacknicity

There has been a great deal of discussion on social media this week regarding Jordan Peele, writer, comedian, founder of Monkeypaw Productions, and the writer/director of the surprise hit movie, … 2,569 more words


Oscar Bites & Bits

I try to get in the habit of sitting in front of the window with my coffee first thing in the morning, but just as often the computer gets me. 442 more words

All & Sundry

Gig Review: Sue Perkins at the Millennium Centre, Cardiff

This was a very late birthday present from MWF, and a decent pick for us as both are big fans of Perkins and I had read the memoir which formed the basis of the show, which I reviewed… 226 more words


A Pair of Pertwees

When I was a teenager in high school, PBS began running episodes of the BBC sci-fi show Doctor Who.  And back then, the show had already gone through two doctors before I ever saw it.   347 more words


A Silly Saying People Use

The saying,” don’t be a pussy,” is not something I ever really looked too much into. I was watching a comedian talk about how people use it and how bizarre it is, because when you think about it, the pussy, (unless you’re talking about a cat) is very powerful. 111 more words

2.23.17 Thoughts

1. Freedom of speech comes at a cost. It’s crazy hearing about comedians -who I view to be the best kind of sociologists – that aren’t allowed to voice opinions or make observations without becoming Public Enemy #1 is wild. 211 more words


#ComedyMasala - Best of Hilarity Comes to Pakistan

Laughter is indeed a therapy.

In a world full of grim news these days, few hours of laughter with your friends and family can release you from stress and relax you in a much needed way. 413 more words