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Black Coffee, Its Beauty is in Purity

Coffee can be bold, acidic, earthy, fruity, herbal, or coco flavored. The beverage should not taste like cream and sugar. Every drop of diary or grain of sweetness destroys the pure delight of a cup of joe.   539 more words



If you hear Tic Tacs in ya girl purse…

Those ain’t Tic Tacs, she crazy.

When you’re walking down the street and you hear *shake* *shake*, 225 more words

Playing the Part by Jen Turano - a hilarious read

Jen Turano is one of the best comedic writers I’ve read.  This book continues in the same vein of this series with action that borders on the ridiculous all while fitting in perfectly with the plot and characters. 239 more words

The Worst Day of My Life

I woke up today thinking that it would be a normal day. I’d push the snooze button 18 times before finally waking up. I’d take a shower, drink my coffee, go to class, and then go to work. 140 more words


Series of Unfortunate Events: New Years Edition

Now that several days have gone by and the craze of New Years has gone down, I can finally reflect on that night.

The beginning of 2016 was both unfortunate and strangely satisfying. 891 more words


Every time I make a credit card payment I wonder when I’m gonna die so I can max that f***er out beforehand.