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Pleased To Meet You

Speed dating? No thank you. I like to take more of my time disappointing women.

6 different perspectives of The Dress

#TheDress has taken the world by storm. Is it white and gold or is it black and blue? It is both, some, or neither? Websites, leading scholars, and your somewhat close facebook and twitter friends have gone at great lengths to defend their choices. 63 more words


Joss Whedon talks Avengers 2. Bond style opening, nerfing Ultron and more

Back in April, Empire magazine went on the set of Age of Ultron and interviewed Whedon. Here are just a few interesting points I picked out. 506 more words


Birthday Blogg 2015

Wearing a ‘onesie’ is certainly an unusual experience, especially when it comes to toilet arrangements. Here in the Ford for the aged, menopausal-woman’s celebrations, my brother asked me why I was wearing a onesie on my birthday. 177 more words


Unhappy? Try... Civilization Today! -- *Some Restrictions Apply

Tired of providing your own food, shelter and security for yourself? Try civilization today! Instead of doing a variety of tasks, you will now be streamlined into doing one task. 29 more words


The Future of "The Daily Show"

After 15 seasons, Jon Stewart will sign off from The Daily Show. The satirical news show was an integral part of the political conversation- Jon Stewart’s voice was louder than most networks, let alone shows. 310 more words

Je Suis Brian

If you’ve ever exaggerated a story… Je suis Brian!