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Vampire the Masquerade

Steam had the awesome game Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines on sale and patched to run on newer systems. I almost forgot how awesome this game was. 176 more words


My Dog Reflects my Personality

Today, I took Chomp to the local dog park. For the first time. Yes, she has been to other parks to play with her brothers, but not strange unknown dogs. 521 more words


Instructions to my Husband Upon my Death

1. Donate my body to science.

It would be so badass to end up at the body farm to help students of forensics see the decay of my body in certain conditions. 340 more words


Tyrannosaurs Can Really Haul Ass....

Just remember, Polka will never die!

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How To Get A Woman To Go Out With You

I only sing to women to get them to go out with me. It’s a 2000 year old Icelandic Courting Folk song. It’s responsible for 1000’s of marriages. 38 more words

I Killed It with a Fucking Dagger

Last night, I was up super late (as per usual…). I went downstairs for some water and something to munch on. I grabbed a glass of water and some French toast crunch cereal (yes… French toast crunch… it was new when I was a kid, and my husband is fucking awesome by bringing home a box a few days ago. 572 more words


The Marvels of the Internet

I am doing prom hair for a friend of mine on Saturday. I did her hair for her homecoming this past fall. It was the first time I did someone else’s hair…. 483 more words