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Birthday Boy

It is the day, the day all just for me
For this is my day of my birth, you see
I can’t wait to see all the presents I’ll get… 115 more words



It seemed completely unnatural for her to feel this way, but against her better judgment, she slowly made her way across the bar room floor towards the gentleman she had been staring at all night. 65 more words

How to Keep your Fucking Man #2

If anyone ever say guys are complicated and are not understandable, give them the Zoo-lander look after you finish giving them the dirtiest slap in the world. 947 more words


Ye Olde Shenanigans

Back in April, I had the pleasure of working with Goldthunder Productions (you can find more information about them HERE) on The 48 Hour Film Project.  33 more words


Bloodthirsty Seagulls

I honestly don’t know what to think. I don’t know how to feel. I don’t know what to do…I just…I don’t know. 

I truly believe we are witnessing something huge, a seismic shift into a re-ordered food-chain, and yet still no one is talking about it, no one cares. 698 more words



When they call for him, he will come. The man, our hero. He who travels alone. He who fears nothing but failure. He, the only man readily equipped; the only one able to fare against such confronting odds. 114 more words


The Lite in The Darkness

Sometimes you gotta walk before you can moonwalk.

“Hey, idiot! We need milk. Run your ass down to the shop and grab us some,” a strange voice came from a silhouette standing in my bedroom doorway. 801 more words