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Ghostbusters is a great sitcom but not such a great summer blockbuster.

The new Ghostbusters movie caused a bit of a stir in the months leading up to its release – the undeserving victim of some truly noxious sexist and racist vitriol, much of which masqueraded as complaints that the new movie doesn’t and can’t recapture the spirit of the original and therefore, in some unexplainable way, destroys childhoods. 774 more words


Pitch Play

Pitch Play is a fun new Biweekly segment in which me ComiQ or one of my partners Pitch an absurd movie based on one specific challenge or request. 246 more words


Meeting My Reflection

I used to walk

To a local pond every day

Sit on a bench

And stare at my reflection

It would stare back at me… 43 more words


A Saturday night in Barcelona ('s airport)

(Based on true events. Hour 00:00 represents the Start of the ordeal, not the actual time)

Hour 00:00

Arrive at airport to leave for Mumbai. 758 more words


The Peculiar Poem of Potimus Press

There once was a man named Potimus Press
who kept himself tidy and always well dressed
with a bow tie, a top hat, and a neat rabbit’s vest; 134 more words


Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

The book:
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews

What’s the deal?
Greg Gaines began his unlikely friendship with Earl in kindergarten, and the two began making crazy home movies in secret ever since. 647 more words

Book Vs Movie

Sylvester (Volume 8)

All right, when did she die?  This was the first calm thing I thought to myself after I found my mother dead, because I couldn’t remember her groaning or stirring as I lifted her to the couch, so she might have already been dead.  1,400 more words

Andrew Halter