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Word Vomit

You know those situations where you understand that you’ve made a mistake, but you’re already so deep into that mistake, that turning back isn’t an option? 665 more words

Midnight Kiss - The Movie

I had a wonderful time working again with the talented folks of Goldthunder Productions a couple of weeks ago on their newest short “Midnight Kiss”. Everyone was so professional and it was really nice to work with a bunch of friendly faces again (along with some new ones too!). 42 more words


Election Anxiety Cure

Feeling stressed from the long election campaign? Buyers remorse? Or perhaps just from the news of Donald J. Trumps victory?

Either way this guided meditation is perfect to help you through troubled times.


Well hello!

Hi there,

I suppose once you find out that I am a teenager, you’ll roll your eyes and click on some other interesting link to view. 168 more words


Trump and Russia

You know what I wanna do? I wanna forget Russia. I wanna forget all this bullshit where everyone might be a Communist, and we’ve got to find the Communists and get ‘em. 1,096 more words