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The Metal in the Symphony

Sol is beloved by all,
with hair like strings of violins
and a voice that lilts like a piano
and curves like a cello.
To escape… 264 more words


P. S. We’re Not Finished Yet

If this doesn’t cause hysteria, I’m using you
in my criminal confession. I’ll cry all about how you
made me do it for the sick pleasure you… 125 more words


Pluvia Purgans

She is goddess of rain, an elegant dancing
muse with footsteps like raindrops pattering, passing
dripping days in her peaceful trances of movement,
leaving life for fancy and finally relaxing.


Hello, My Name is Good Cop

I’m your friendly neighborhood police officer,
keeping Bricksburg safe for everyone, including
you, Mister. I know it may not seem so, but I’m looking
out for you, buddy. 124 more words



In a rumpled coat
with cigar in hand, he knows
that you murdered her.


Ode to “Untitled Self-Portrait”

Guardian of Gotham, garmented in enigma,
cloaked in swagga; noir is my insignia.
Luxury is my life, but blackness my remedy.
Lord Vigilante, I am my land’s legacy.


The Last Thing I did in 2016

So this is 2017. Finally.

I feel like Everyone has been waiting for this year since their plans for 2016 went left instead of right. Which means for some people since January 2016. 542 more words