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Best Man Boys Radioplay - Part 1

A racing western theme with guitars and trumpets blares.

Beau:    Come and sit and let me spin a tale of the notorious Best Man Boys and their final stand in the town of North Cackallackee, North Carolina.  941 more words


That one brown noser: we will call her Judas

It’s nice to be nice..

But brown-nosing gets on my nerves!

It’s always that one person who over does it..  That goes the extra mile.. then goes another 2 more. 80 more words

African American

Confessions of a Post Graduate Failure - Chapter Five: Full Shitty Circle

I’m that kid in every elementary school gym class race. The kid that stands at the starting line with a big goofy grin, shaking random body parts like he’s loosening them up but really he doesn’t know what he’s doing and then when they call ready the grin is gone and replaced by a look of such serious determination that watching parents giggle and the coach with the starting whistle remembers why he’s still enduring his underpaid position, for little carefree turds like that kid. 1,403 more words

Personal Essay

Y tu mama tambien

So I’ve been learning Spanish since I started high school, and I’ve finally gotten a relatively good grasp of the language after being in Spain and Mexico for a while- which has opened the wonderful door of Spanish film to me! 351 more words


I Should Not Be Trusted....

Today, I decided to give Tweak, my Scottish terrier, a haircut. He was looking less scottie and more wookie. My husband just bought me a new set of clippers because I kind of killed the last set… and the set before that…. 503 more words


One Liner Wednesday

My son is four going on fourteen. I swear I’m dealing with a prepubescent teenager most days. Tonight I asked him to get pj’s on, pick up his toys, and brush his teeth. 73 more words

The Stink Eye

Sorry I have been away from the blog-o-sphere for more than a few days. I have been going crazy with cleaning and changing out furniture. I inherited my dad’s roll top desk and some cabinets and some of his stuff. 531 more words