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Top six items to chuck at politicians - Honi Soit, August 2013

Six protests that have hit their mark.

6. Sandwiches Watch out where you carry one of these, because politically-minded panini have been known to fling out of bystander’s hands into the stiff-lips of politicians of their own accord. 440 more words


Day 53: A legitimate hate towards reading.

My job at this school was to help teach little kids how to read. Today my story is about Student E; one of the little boys I helped with reading. 205 more words


Penn's last party

She had the face of an angel, the chest of a pornstar, the butt of a Serena and the legs of a Goddess. She was extremely fit too, that area between ‘oh she must work out’ and ‘ugh, she’s scary looking’. 2,077 more words


My Private Public Diary Vol. 15

Today while I was at my job that simultaneously makes me want to cry and take a blade to the throat, a customer told me to “fuck off.” Granted he was on a shit load of drugs (I’m assuming based on the fact that he literally pressed his face onto the germ-infested computer screen) but all the same (insert hand-job motion here). 530 more words


Rachel Dolezel the "Tran-sracial"

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the first ever “trans-racial” woman… EVER. Even though this lady looks like she has called on Tyrone a couple of times, she can’t just become black overnight. 87 more words


A little comedic relief

If I was this taxi driver I’d do the same!!

You may have seen this one before, but it pretty much sums up my attitude. Someone needed to tell her… 8 more words


A Horse A Horse

“Let’s just call a horse a horse.”

“What if we called a horse a cow?”

“Well, then, what would we call a cow?”

“A cow.” 82 more words