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Deadpool 2 (2018) - Don't call it a comeback!

Our favorite R-rated superhero is back with the second installment of his franchise. After the first movie performed unexpectedly well, there were fears of typical mistakes of a sequel: That it just blows everything out of proportions and pursues the “bigger, faster, louder” approach. 1,234 more words


Deadpool 2 (2018)

Deadpool 2 is the sixth movie in the Dirty Harry franchise and the inexplicable sequel to the much panned Dead Pool film. In this movie Dirty Harry trades in his badge and .44 Magnum for a red jumpsuit and a pair of katanas. 1,088 more words


"Mine" (Supernatural Oneshot #1: Dean x Reader)


Fandom: Supernatural
Character: Dean Winchester
Reader’s Info: Female. Girlfriend of Dean Winchester. A hunter. Flirty, mischievous, funny, sarcastic, humorous.
Scenario: You’re on a hunt and you’re flirting with one of the FBI agents to get some answers and Dean gets annoyed (he likes you). 792 more words


"Pick: Trees Or Cookie" (Mystic Messenger Oneshot #2: 707 x Reader)

“Pick: Trees Or Cookies”

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Character: The one and only 707: AKA Luciel Choi~!
Reader’s Info: Female. Member of the RFA. Devoted and loving girlfriend of Seven~! 419 more words


Chapter #8 ("The New Kid of South Park")

Recap of Chapter #7:

And once my message sent, I began on my way back home. 

Chapter #8: Super Ninja Skills
“The New Kid of South Park” 329 more words


Got my tan on

Experts say that the sun is stronger now than it was ever before. I believe it to a point. They tell us go out with SPF 8500 or more if you plan on being out in the sun for more than two breaths or a heartbeat. 127 more words


"Claimed" (Creepypasta Oneshot #1: Eyeless Jack x Reader)


Fandom: Creepypasta
Character: Eyeless Jack
Reader’s Info: Female. A college student, studying to become a doctor. Works at a medical clinic. Bold, smart, confident, curious, calm and collected (usually), caring, and convincing. 1,305 more words