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Fear what you know, beware of those who you’ve trusted in the past because nothing is what it used to be and the only thing that you need to learn is to RUN. 517 more words

Method To The Madness: John Goodman

It’s Friday! And I bet you are sick of the constant movie reviews this week! So I’m taking a break from those to talk about a man who I feel deserves way more credit than he tends to get. 1,203 more words


Chapter 7: The Cool Beauty

An old building tuck away in a urban downtown, inside it has several walls jutting out, like a labyrinth and it looks almost like how an interior designer would design a spacious, factory-like, casual, home. 1,596 more words

By Me

Chapter 5: The Fateful Red String

The scene that lay before us is of an office with desks in orderly rows and soft, white light coming out from lights installed into the ceilings. 1,942 more words

By Me

Benefited from my dog’s shit all over the front lawn this Halloween. Kept the trick or treaters from bugging me and left me with more candy!

Going to the bar this Halloween dressed as a horny guy.

Tricked all the treaters, already ate all the candy. It enhances my Guy With Diabetes costume.