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Sideline présente Kathleen Aubert

Spécial Fringe

Cette année encore, pour une 25ème fois, le festival Fringe va t’en mettre plein la vue. Comme l’équipe de Sideline 1,237 more words

F minus 9 weeks (wonky)

For a long time I’ve been daydreaming.  Sleep walking with the assumption “the latter half of my show probably needs little work… I’ll just focus on the front… the end is fine”.   714 more words

F minus 10 weeks (book recommendation)

I love “thinky word leaflets (pamphlets)”, or as you may know them: “books”.  There’s something about reading a book which is very self indulgent in an okay kind of way.   794 more words

Jackie Beat: America’s Perennial Drag Superstar

I have spoken at great length about my love of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but as gay America prepares to crown its next drag superstar, I thought it would be sporting to take a moment to honor America’s perennial drag superstar.  1,837 more words

F minus 10 weeks (PR)

The festival has a media office – I’ve been there.  It’s in a place called Fringe Central, and it’s full of sofas, staplers and people sleeping, well that’s what it looks like from week 2 onwards.   643 more words