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Chic Spotting: Margaret Cho!

As you know, we, the Chics, live in SF. We ADORE Margaret Cho, the famed comedian, actress, singer, SF native and homeless rights advocate. ADORE. 196 more words

Funny Bone: Anne Kansimme

A few months ago I saw this video clip where a newspaper seller was selling old prints as if they (the newspapers) were current.  The argument which ensued between customer and proprietor was quite hilarious.   164 more words

African Comedy

F minus 15 weeks (writer's block)

The show I’m currently writing is my sixth hour long comedy show.  Each one has been written differently, due to my life being in a different state each year, but sometimes I had a technical challenge that went over all of that.   333 more words

F minus 15 weeks (my pen)

I’m a standup comedian and I’m writing a new show for the presitious Edinburgh fringe festival 2015.  The image you can see is part of the promotional – it’s called “Power Tool”.   423 more words

Fierce Females: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia + Jerry

If there’s one woman who has made me laugh my ass off consistently throughout the years it’d have to be Julia Louis-Dreyfus! I absolutely adore JLD and… 193 more words

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